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Intimate waxing, especially in women, has always been shrouded in controversies, sexism, and myths surrounding the practice. Many have turned to painful waxing, razors and the latest trend of this trend, laser hair removal for being the least invasive. However, to what extent is it true what is read in magazines or passed by word of mouth, generation after generation?

Why do women wax?

In an interview for Business Insider Mexico, the author Bel Olid states that hatred of female pubic hair It has been crawling since the time of the Egyptians, where hair removal was tied to the ruling elite. Currently we continue in the concept of Darwin’s evolution: the less hair, the more evolution.

All of that adds to the sexism of the perfect woman in a bathing suit that appears every day in video clips, movies, and magazines.

Myths about andl púbico fleece

1. “It affects sexual relations and makes them less pleasant”

Completely false. Pubic hair reduces friction on the female genital area, making rubbing smoother and more pleasant.

Its effect on penetration or friction has made this hair known as the dry lubricant.

2. “Not waxing your pubic hair makes you prone to sexually transmitted diseases”

According to a study by Plus One magazine, there is no relationship between hair removal and sexually transmitted diseases. The action of removing hairs from the genital area does not cause any benefit when facing possible infections and infections caused by unprotected sex.

3. “The color of the pubic hair is the same as that of the hair”

Another widespread myth has to do with shape and color, which, although it has been denied several times, is still part of popular culture.

The reality is that pubic hair coloring is independent of hair color. In general, the tonality is usually related to the color of the eyebrows or body hair.

4. “Depilating pubic hair leaves painful sequelae”

Many women with different skin types decide to wax for various reasons, which is why the market for female waxing is extensive.

Although some procedures are irritating or painful, most are usually painless if a study of each person’s skin is performed first.

5. “Nobody likes pubic hair”

Magazines, beauty centers, fashion brands and the porn industry have promoted genital waxing, however tastes vary from person to person.

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Myths and truths about intimate hair, according to studies – Sexperimentando

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