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From time to time you ask me to talk about my own experiences or my personal life, it’s not something I usually do unless I become aware of the value it can bring you… and today I’m sure it will be of great help. For this reason, in this week’s video I talk about how I got my first period and how I lived that experience when I got my period.

Obviously, each girl is a world and what happens to each one of us is different. But, in any case, it is well known that knowing the experiences of others helps us to feel safer, not to feel that “it only happens to us” and to anticipate what is going to happen (that generates a lot of relaxation)

Also, we girls like to help each other with our experience, so today I want to tell you how my first period went, I’m sure it will help you learn and be much less nervous when it happens! If you are reading me and you are a father/mother or a teacher, surely it will also be of great help to you to know my experience and implement some tips.

By the way, about how to deal with the first period I had already created a video a long time ago:

It’s rained a bit since then, right? Updating is important and, for this reason, in addition to this week’s video, I’m going to give you a super gift: 35 experts talking to you about menstruation, female sexual education, emotions, feminism… sounds good, right?

Today I want to invite you to ONLINE CONGRESS MENSTRUITA POWER which will be from June 8 to 12, 2020. It is the first meeting on sexual, menstrual, emotional and feminist education for girls in which you can learn how to help and accompany your daughters/students to love their body, enjoy their sexuality and go through all the emotions that they will discover throughout their lives, from love and diversity.

It is TOTALLY FREE IF YOU REGISTER HERE before the 8th and, among the magnificent presentations, you will find one of mine with the most common doubts of adolescents and, of course, their answers. And other resources to talk about menstruation and sex education with girls (and boys) that I can provide you? Of course:

  1. My course “How to talk about sex with children: my 6-key system” is 100% online
  2. Me book «Sexperimentando: learn and enjoy» recommended from 11 years

…Now yes, my video of the week! If you want to know how my first period went, I’ll tell you everything here. Share it with whoever you think might be useful! and don’t forget to subscribe!

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My FIRST RULE: This is how it was when my period came – Sexperimentando

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