“My daughter was the victim of sexual assault at a Brooklyn magnet school”, the harrowing account of a mother

A few weeks before her daughter graduates, a Brooklyn mother says that the young woman was the victim of sexual assault at Brooklyn High School of the Arts, and that her family is living a nightmare, because her alleged aggressor could return to school at any time.

“My daughter was the victim of sexual assault at a magnet school in Brooklyn,” Doña Dolores García, an Ecuadorian immigrant who settled in New York more than two decades ago, told Univision 41. She also reported that, until a few weeks ago, her greatest concern was to find out which university her daughter would continue her studies in performing arts at. However, last week her world was turned upside down when she returned from work to find her 17-year-old daughter crying.

“Mom at school tried to rape me”she told him between sobs. Her mother asked her daughter to tell her what happened to her.

The suspect tried to sexually assault her three times

The young woman, whose identity we cannot reveal because she is a minor, told him that on Tuesday, April 26, around noon, she greeted a colleague in the cafeteria. With her was another student whom she, “for being courteous, greeted.” To her surprise, the subject squeezed his buttockssomething that she deeply disliked, for which she rebuked him and left there.

A few minutes later her daughter went to the infirmary and, to her surprise, the alleged assailant was in that hallway. He came over with the excuse of apologizing. “She believed him and asked him not to do it again. So he tried to touch her buttocks again, ”says Garcia, who adds that the boy repeatedly told her that he wanted to have sex with her.

“The third time was where made him touch his genital parts, and put his hand behind his pants of her, to try to lower his pants. That was when she practically wanted to conclude with what he was wanting”.

The alleged sexual assault happened in a hallway with no cameras.

All this, says the mother, happened in a school corridor where no security cameras. Her daughter ran out and went straight to the principal’s office to report the incident.

However, Garcia says, the school did not contact her that day to notify her of what had happened. It wasn’t until the next day that she was called to report her alleged sexual assault. “The next day, my daughter went back to school and was still close to the aggressor, but the school did absolutely nothing,” she complains.

It wasn’t until Thursday afternoon, more than 48 hours after the incident, that he spoke to the director, he says. He informed her that he couldn’t make the report to the police, that it had to be her. It is something that Doña Dolores García did immediately.

Sexual assault suspect arrested

Following the call from the victim’s mother, police from the 84th precinct arrested the suspect who, according to court documents obtained by Univision 41, His name is Devon Pollock.. The 18-year-old faces two counts of forcible touching and two counts of third-degree sexual abuse.

“When I was in the police I saw when they took him handcuffed,” he says. “And there I understood why he forced her: he is a tall and strong boy, my daughter is small. He abused her, because she is much bigger and stronger, it was easy for him to impose his power.”

Pollock was arraigned on April 30 and released without bail the same day. His next court date is May 26.

The young victim is terrified of what happens at school

Now the distraught mother and her daughter face the possibility that Pollock will return to the school at any moment, because, according to Garcia, the school administration told him that he cannot be expelled. “They are going to suspend him for 5 days or 30 days. Nothing more. Just those two things. This means that the boy can safely return to school.”

To all this, the young victim, who according to her mother until now has stood out for her love of the performing arts and her joy in the family, has fallen into depression, has difficulty eating and sleeping, One month after graduating, she is terrified (says her mother) about what might happen if the school admits her alleged aggressor again.

“I don’t agree with the school doing this to me,” says her mother. “I thought the school was going to support me. It is not an ordinary school. It’s Brooklyn High School of the Arts, it’s a talent school. It seems incredible to me that in a school like this, these things happen.”

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“My daughter was the victim of sexual assault at a Brooklyn magnet school”, the harrowing account of a mother