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Do you know what wastes the most time in sex therapy? What is even at the root of all failures? These are the received ideas that we have about sexuality, the false beliefs.

These received ideas will disrupt our sexual learning. Because yes sexuality is an apprenticeship!

Received ideas are enemies of learning

For example, you are a man and you have the wrong belief that to seduce a woman you must be nice to her. Ouch! This received idea will make you live many failures and prevent you from developing a potential for seduction.

Similarly, if you are a woman, you may also think that attractive men are those who are nice to you. Re-ouch! You are at risk of developing a lack of sexual desire for example because your sexual apprenticeship will stop.

Warning! I will come back to this when I deal with this received idea of ​​kindness, but that obviously does not mean that you have to be a big jerk to seduce! It just means that kindness has nothing to do with the process of seduction.

The trap of false belief is that it will form a huge obstacle in the way of your sexuality. If we believe that this received idea is the real truth, then there is no reason to make the slightest effort to break down this obstacle. This therefore causes the failures or a huge waste of time for your sexual adventure.

False beliefs are obstacles in the way of your sexual development

Where do received ideas come from?

They come from all our past experiences. About our upbringing, something you’ve heard most of the time. On TV, by a girlfriend, by a friend who seemed to know, a parent. You may also have read it in a magazine, on the internet. And if unfortunately it’s a widely held misconception like “men think more about sex than women”, hearing or reading it several times will confirm to you that this false belief is the real truth.

You can also build your received ideas. In general it will be born froma rather unpleasant life experience.

For example this man you are secretly in love with and who does not look at you. While you give him a cute smile every time you see him. It is sure: he is not nice. So the interesting men are the nice ones. And boom! A free received idea that will bother you all your life. And it appears for a very specific reason: it prevents us from questioning ourselves. For example here, on the fact of having insufficiently developed your femininity for a masculine man to notice you.

A 30-day challenge to destroy conventional wisdom

I will therefore suggest to you my challenge : that of writing during 30 days an article on the 30 received ideas that I hear the most in consultation. To present these false beliefs, I will illustrate them by 30 stories. I will then analyze this story to destroy the received idea.

I will update the links to these 30 myths at the end of this article as I go along.

And you, have you ever heard preconceived ideas about sex? 😉 Write in the comments the one that comes back to you most often.

I wish you a good reading.

Here is the list of received ideas, click on it to read the corresponding article:

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My challenge: 30 stories in 30 days to break 30 misconceptions about sex – Le Blog Sexologue

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