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Last Tuesday, April 19, the First National Day towards a Non-Sexist Education was held at the national level, instance promoted by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity, which aims to open a space for dialogue and meeting to start a process of awareness and transformation of sexist practices in the educational community.

In the case of the commune of Quilpué, the Municipality, through the education area of ​​the Municipal Corporation, has promoted various instances, in order to restore confidence, through the containment and reception of students, teachers and assistants of The education.

“We live in a society that unfortunately separates and discriminates, and those who have unfortunately suffered this discrimination most often are women. Not long ago, women could not study or go to university, they could not vote, and these rights have been gained thanks to a cultural change. Non-sexist education refers to that, to continue deepening this cultural change, since we all have the same rights and spaces to live happily and peacefully”, commented the mayor of Quilpué, Valeria Melipillan.

To address this important issue, the municipal education area directed the 23 educational establishments to carry out a socio-emotional work block within the school day and from the return until, at least, the month of June.

Within this orientation, there are dialogue and conversation activities where it is instructed to work, among other topics: Violence and gender respect, gender identities, harassment and sextortion, violence in pololeo, sexual dissidence.

“We believe that it is important to start non-sexist education with children and adolescents, because they are the seeds that will deepen this cultural change and that they will take it to their homes, making this education more widely spread. , but also as an Open Municipality we are committed to raising awareness among the entire population, and this is a first step”, explained the community chief of Quilpué.

At the same time, work is being done with the educational communities to address two issues within the classroom: Gender (identities, respect, and equity) and Interculturality. To this is added the link with the Mental Health area for the execution of workshops and talks regarding awareness of gender respect, which is being coordinated between the mixed commissions of each educational establishment with each health center.

In addition to the above, there is the realization, together with the transversality area, of the “table on gender and diversity from the educational communities”, an instance that seeks to gather information regarding the main gender and sexual problems that have been experienced within the establishments. from return.

It should be noted that, in addition to all these actions, during the first semester there will also be a review of the Sexuality, Affectivity and Gender Plans of all schools, colleges and high schools and, with this, guidelines and general topics and standards will be delivered. for all communities regarding the plans: Gender identities, sexual and gender violence, dating violence, affectivity, self-concept, self-esteem and self-care.

After the delivery of guidelines, a workshop will be held, specifically, for the face-to-face work of updating the plans and how to execute their actions (monitoring of the execution of actions will last the entire school year).

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Municipality of Quilpué addresses non-sexist education in municipal schools – Epicentro Chile