Municipal employee criminally denounced two co-workers for sexual abuse

The testimony offered to LA VOZ DE TANDIL by Alicia (the name is fictitious and is preserved at the express request of the victim), arises from the fact that the woman wanted to make public the ordeal she has been going through since she decided to report the attacks she suffered. on behalf of two of her co-workers, who still work in Misdemeanor Courts 1 and 2, where the complainant performed tasks between 2014 and 2019.

“I started working at Misdemeanor Court No. 2 in 2014 and later, due to lack of personnel, they moved me to No. 1. As soon as I set foot there, Hugo Rey, who was the union delegate, began to insinuate things to me. He He told me things like, if I wanted to have overtime, I had to do certain things. He was a colleague of administrative tasks, but he was also a delegate to the Union and it was like he handled everything in the Court as if he were a judge, “he said. Alicia.

“And over time that began to become more continuous, until, in September 2019, he was in an office alone, I went to take him a receipt to make, of an infraction, and he grabbed my hand, he lowered the pants and pulled out the member,” he continued.

This meant a limit situation for the woman, who, in addition, in her formal complaint before the justice, also involved another worker in the area: “Mauricio Palahi was also there, who touched my tail, touched my hair. He was in the Court 2 and only a stage separated us”.

Initially, Alicia assures that she did not find contention in Judge Olivetto, who was asked to place a piece of furniture that would separate her from the partner who harassed her. Although the misdemeanor judge agreed, shortly after, “by order of Hugo Rey”, the furniture was removed and “the constant harassment returned”.

According to Alicia’s account, the situation became even more tense when she requested the images of the internal cameras of the Court, to verify her statements before the authorities. In these circumstances, she learned that the people she was accusing were talking about taking reprisals against her and she even received some threats, “which I presented to the justice system as evidence.”

The first measure that the worker requested was a sick leave, in December 2019, “because the truth was that there was no more” and she sought to get away from labor hostility, and in January 2020, she filed a complaint at the Police Station of the Women.

In that period, he recalls, “the Municipality did nothing, because on top of that they deducted my salary, because by not working, I lost benefits such as overtime, presenteeism, etc. I was very bad because I was the victim and the Municipality lowered my salary And from 2019 until now, the Municipality is conspicuous by its absence. I didn’t even have an accompaniment.”

Although Alicia managed to file the complaint through the municipal Acceder program, the lawyer provided by this scheme had practically no interference in the case and the woman is represented by the head of the Victim Assistance Center, Dr. Mariano Girolet, in a case which is processed in the Prosecutor’s Office of Dr. Luis Piotti, under IPP 310-20, labeled as Sexual Abuse, and which has Hugo Daniel Rey and Mauricio Palahi as defendants.

“I also filed an administrative complaint,” said the interviewee, in relation to the municipal internal issue, where, she said, “they are not even summaries and continue in the same workplace.”

At this point, he questioned the role of the Legal and Technical Secretary of the Municipality, Dr. Andrés Curcio, “because he has a friendly relationship with Hugo Rey” and linked to this the lack of an administrative summary against the accused. And furthermore, as he recalled, “Mauricio Baldovino (then Director of Human Resources), told me that they were separating me, to preserve me, but these two guys continued in their place of work.”

“I also spoke with the union representatives, but the same thing, zero support. They were also friends of Hugo Rey,” said Alicia, who currently works in another municipal area.

The woman added that “I know that other girls went through similar situations. One of them threw a colleague against a wall, in a very violent way. This girl filed a complaint at the Women’s Police Station, and nothing happened, she They filed. Although now I know that the Prosecutor’s Office requested that complaint. But others also, although they did not dare to file a complaint. All those girls left, because Hugo Rey had them removed “, from the Misdemeanor Courts and they were destined for other municipal dependencies .

At the time of denouncing her case, the victim was assigned an approach restriction against the two defendants, which continues in force, since the victim requests an extension every three or four months.

Now, Alicia awaits the progress of the criminal case and maintained that “they were called to testify in December of last year, they refused to testify. Now they are prosecuted. The case belongs to Piotti and supposedly, the trial is out. I contributed witnesses and audios, despite the fact that they hindered the entire investigation because they were never removed and they always continued to work there. What I hope for is a conviction, although they will not go to prison, but that a summary be opened and that it be made public by me and for my companions”.

“Dr. Girolet sent two letters to the Municipality to open an investigation. The first one was not answered and now he sent them another. I ask that they stop hiding things. Why does the Municipality insist on not making an administrative investigation? What’s behind it?”, questioned the woman, at the end of the interview.

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Municipal employee criminally denounced two co-workers for sexual abuse