More than a thousand young people participate in 43 workshops on healthy habits and risk prevention


A total of 1,085 young people from the province of Jaén are trained in healthy habits and risk prevention through 43 Forma Joven 2022 workshops, organized by the Andalusian Youth Institute (IAJ).

The activity, aimed at adolescents and young health mediators, began in March and will run until the end of May, as reported by the Board on Friday.

It is taught in 43 institutes in the province to students between the third year of ESO and the second year of Baccalaureate and Training Cycles who are registered in their centers as health mediators.

They address a wide variety of topics, including equality, the prevention of gender violence, the responsible and safe use of ICT (violence-free screens and prevention of online gaming addiction), emotional education, healthy affective relationships or sex education.

The Program Advisor of the Andalusian Institute of Youth in Jaén, José María Urbano, has shared this week one of these workshops with students from the IES Fuente de la Peña, in the capital.

This initiative delves into promoting healthy environments and behaviors, it aims to add to the development and training in values ​​of young people, an integral development of youth to advance towards a more just and egalitarian society.

The speaker of this program -framed in the Program for Educational Innovation HHVS Forma Joven in the educational field, convened by the Ministry of Education and Sports for the 2021-22 academic year- is Montserrat Morán.

A prestigious professional, who is among the recent winners of the X Jaeneras Awards for Equality and Against Gender Violence. This nurse has been recognized for her work in Forma Joven, her intervention in educational centers delving into epigraphs such as food, sexuality or drugs, as well as for her involvement, through specialized workshops, on gender, sexuality, transmitted diseases sexual, self-esteem and pornography.

Forma Joven is based on teamwork and has the intervention of education and health professionals and young student mediators. The latter play a transcendental role in the program, since they are in charge of transferring to their environment, to other young people, as equals, all the information they receive about healthy habits.

They do it in a close and truthful way and also serving as a link with professionals, experts at their disposal to advance among all in awareness and solid training.

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More than a thousand young people participate in 43 workshops on healthy habits and risk prevention