More than 400 complaints of sexual crimes have been registered so far this year

So far this year, Veracruz has registered more than 400 complaints of sexual crimes, 100 of them correspond to harassment and sexual harassment, according to figures from the national executive secretariat of the national security system.

The figures increased compared to 2021 when just over 370 criminal complaints were filed.

According to the Veracruz Prosecutor’s Office, between January and March, it opened 210 complaints for sexual abuse, 101 for sexual harassment and 102 for simple rape.

Nancy Torres, from the Colmena Verde collective, warned about an increase in street harassment in the Veracruz-Boca del Río conurbation.

Interviewed in XEU News Analysis Journalism, she pointed out that they have received many complaints about constructions, where personnel from these buildings harass women.

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“We have been talking with authorities in order to present an initiative to carry out a measure so that constructions become free of harassment and if a girl is harassed, she can be channeled to the municipal institutes for women,” she said.

In addition, he detailed which are the most dangerous areas for women in Veracruz:

Historic Center of Veracruz.

Sea view university area

University area of ​​Boca del Río at the height of the USBI

Market area, mainly on González Pages street.

Some areas of the boulevard

Manuel Avila Camacho

Mexican Army Avenue, Via Muerta and La Tampiquera

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More than 400 complaints of sexual crimes have been registered so far this year