Mónica Rodríguez denounced sexual harassment by a Didi driver: “Miserable and unhappy”

There are several cases of sexual harassment and abuse that have recently become known by users of digital transport platforms. However, it seems that there is no one who puts a ‘stay quiet’ to the perpetrators and proof of this was the complaint that Monica Rodriguez He did a few days ago on social networks.

According to what was stated by the presenter of Noticias Uno, the victim – a young woman whose identity she kept hidden – requested a service through the Didi application and, unexpectedly, received a disgusting message from a driver who calls himself Sneider.

“Good evening. This is a Didi-Sex service, which you can pay for with just a masturbation or in cash. Do you want to continue?” reads the screenshot published by the journalist.

As expected, the woman did not take the service, but she did take advantage of the occasion to reveal her face and the license plates of the vehicle in which the stalker moved: NBY-940.

Besides, Mónica Rodríguez questioned the actions of the driver, as well as that of the company in questionas it warns that there are many similar complaints made by users of the platform.

“So many things that happen when you request service from the Didi Colombia platform. A young woman asked for a car and this was written by the guy when accepting the service. There are many and constant complaints without these people doing something, “added the communicator.

Thanks to this post, the company assures that it was able to react and block the subject so that he does not continue carrying out this type of practice, at least from his application. Reason for which they warned that when this happens, the reported person will never be able to rejoin the company.

In the same way, they rejected that this type of practices that threaten the integrity of people are presented among their drivers.

“We have detected the improper message and the partner was permanently blocked for breach of our terms and conditions (…) We reject this unfortunate situation. This is not the experience we want for the community. We immediately received the report of the case, the security team activated their protocols,” they explained.

However, in Didi Colombia they were not the only ones to react, because such was the virality of the publication that The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce asked the affected party to send a direct claim to the entity and file the corresponding lawsuitso that they, too, can become aware of what happened and ‘put the transport company on the back foot’.

Monica Rodriguez denounced sexual harassment by a Didi driver Miserable

This public complaint comes just a few days after a 17-year-old girl was raped by a taxi driver, after leaving his work in the Chapinero area for his home, located in the town of Kennedy.

According to the testimony of the teenager’s partner, who managed to get on public transport but got off a few kilometers earlier, everything seemed normal. However, as a precaution, she took a photo of the license plates on the car.

After a few hours, the young woman’s family began to worry because she did not appear and her location had been deactivated, so they alerted the authorities and, a few hours later, She appeared walking disoriented and with signs of violence in the town of Ciudad Bolívar, more precisely in the Nueva Candelaria neighborhood.

Due to the state in which she was found, she was referred to the Meissen Hospital, where doctors and specialists determined that she was the victim of violent carnal access and that they would have supplied her with a psychoactive substance, which is why the young woman was lost and did not respond properly. immediately to stimuli.


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Mónica Rodríguez denounced sexual harassment by a Didi driver: “Miserable and unhappy”