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Lucie attend. As always for 15 years she waits. Her lover she found last week is very handsome and well muscled. He is making love to her passionately.

Before that he had taken good care of her during foreplay. A cuni rather well executed. She could have put him easily 8.5 out of 10. So his lubrication was on top and pleasant penetration.

So now she is waiting.

She watches him go back and forth, smiling. He smiled back at her. She notices that he is starting to get slightly thin out on the top of the forehead.

He accelerates then back and forth movements.

To smile. Hairline. To smile. Hairline. To smile. Hairline..

She is waiting. How she waited for many years when her husband made love to her. She had been waiting he never came. And a priori it is not not this evening that he will show up.

She tells herself then that she has undergone a kind of curse. Because she thinks he will never come to her. ‘Cause it’s the fourth lover she’s tried andhe’s still not here. Maybe it’s better to abandon.

Non! She refuses! Because she also wants to know what it is, to feel it. Sexual pleasure.

So she goes insist. She will do it again!

She will again wait and wait and wait…

Sexual pleasure is controlled

Another received idea that I hear a lot in consultation. The pleasure is natural, it just comes.

Well no, as always when we talk about sexuality, sexual pleasure it can be learnt. You can trigger it and control it.

It takes a bit of practice. But with the right physical skills and a knowledge of your sensations it is quite possible.

Lucie’s story illustrates that she is Looking forward to of his sexual pleasure. She doesn’t try to have a hold on him. She’s just waiting passively.

Obviously this is a very bad technique. She should work on it and at least understand what sexual pleasure is.

What is sexual pleasure?

It’s a emotion. Just like sadness, anger or joy.

Sex is an emotion in motion

There is a West

Yes, but what is an emotion exactly?

It’s true that everyone understands what an emotion is, but it’s hard to define. here is three elements which make an emotion:

  • A psychological state
  • A physical feeling
  • A bodily expression

I invite you to read the detailed description of this emotion in this article: Misconception “An orgasm is the sign of a successful sexual relationship”.

How do we control it?

As a result, sexual pleasure is controlled like emotions. First, you have to practice identify the physical sensation which will most often be described in the belly or in the torso.

This physical sensation will arise from the sexual stimulation of your partner. As well as your ability to fantasize the sexual relationship.

Then you have to practice to relax to raise this feeling so that it can express itself. The movements of the upper body will also help the emotion to come out. These movements must be performed with a great breadth.

As for example the fact of put head and shoulders back at the time of a wave of pleasure.

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Misconception “Sexual pleasure comes by itself” – Le Blog Sexologue

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