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Robin anguish because he knows that feeling. It’s starting to rise and it’s not going to succeed to hold. His girlfriend tries to motivate him: No premature ejaculation this time okay? “.

During the preliminaries oddly enough. He doesn’t want to come at all. Corn once penetration has begun This is an other story.

Because wet and warm sensations are sweet. Plus seeing Chloe, his girlfriend, open to him like that it’s too exciting. At the beginning when he puts his penis in her, the sensations are pleasant without being too strong but towards the end he finds it increasingly difficult to control. So he tries to hold himself back by tightening his abs but obviously that never works.

He worries all the more since it’s been months since his girlfriend did not have an orgasm with him. He knows that if he has another premature ejaculation, she’s going to piss him off for at least two days. Because she is sick of it. He is afraid that she will leave him.

Whoops! That’s it, he feels it’s coming and Chloe hasn’t reached Nirvana. The panic begins to rise. ‘Cause he knows he only has it for moments before ejaculating.

Robin therefore triggers the emergency plan and picks up the pace, he also puts more force into his back and forth movements. The young woman begins to moan: “Yes go ahead, it’s coming! ». Yes it will get there! She starts screaming now. Therefore it accelerates again and explodes in extreme pleasure..

The young man has his eyes closed and smiles. He still enjoys a little sensations of orgasm. Slowly he opens his eyes to tenderly kiss his girlfriend.

She looks at him with a dark look. Chloe sighs slowly and says, ” Damn I was almost there. You know very well that I need at least 25 minutes to cum and each time you ejaculate in 22 or 23 minutes!«

Premature ejaculation is not a matter of time

According to an Ifop poll, 10% of the French population believe that penetration should be maintained for at least 20 minutes. Otherwise we can speak of premature ejaculation. On the other hand, 28% of French people believe that 2 minutes of penetration it’s enough not to be too fast.

With Robin’s story and this survey, we understand that premature ejaculation is not measured by the duration of penetration. Indeed “the good duration” of a sexual relation is subjective. That is to say, it varies according to the person questioned.

The right factor to know if there is premature ejaculation is partner satisfaction during sexual intercourse. If they are satisfied, they feel they have taken enough fun, there is no reason to talk about premature ejaculation.

It doesn’t matter if the sexual relationship lasted 1 minute or 2 hours. It doesn’t matter if there was orgasm or not.

A sexual relationship can be successful whether it lasted 1 minute or 2 hours.

Sometimes men consider themselves premature ejaculators because they don’t control the moment of their ejaculation. Again no matter the penetration time which may even be very long.

Robin and Chloe’s story shows two problems. The young woman surely has a concern for achieve orgasm. More Robin don’t control the moment of his ejaculation and therefore considers himself a premature ejaculator because his partner is not satisfied.

Ways to control your sexual pleasure

As sexuality is an apprenticeship, you can learn to control your ejaculation. Please note that this will not happen overnight. Because like all learning, you will have to train you.

And the best learning is to practice masturbation alone at first. Your goal will be to master the techniques and to take at least the time necessary to your sexual satisfaction and that of your partner.

  1. Start by adapting rhythm of your caresses on your penis. It must be slow.
  2. Then your muscle tension must be rather low. In particular you should not grit your teeth. Because otherwise it tends to cause ejaculation.
  3. Make big moves amplitude. That is to say, you have to caress your sex over the entire length and then go back and forth with your partner during penetration.
  4. Breathe with the belly expressing your sexual pleasure loudly as this also delays ejaculation.
  5. And finally express your masculinity. To learn more about the subject, read this article: Myth “A woman will have more pleasure if she has control”.

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Misconception “Premature ejaculation is less than a minute” – Le Blog Sexologue

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