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The continuation of the adventures of Tom. For the first part click here.

The rain starts to fall in large drops. Tom picks up his pace again and barely catches his bus. Fortunately it is not yet rush hour so the bus is not crowded. All passengers are more or less wet by the rain.

Tom manages to find a seat and settles down. In front of him, a perfectly made-up woman, brown hair tied in a worked bun watches the landscape pass by the window. Her soft face with delicate lines is contrasted by a blue-steel look.

She wears a very short skirt-belt which lets guess the lace of her underwear. How is it the fashion for 2 or 3 years now. Her wet white blouse is open to the navel and sticks to her nipples which proudly point under the effect of cold.

“What a beautiful time! ” Tom thought to himself. Because nowadays women can go out in the streets and expose their femininity without fear to be bothered by a big heavy. They are proud to be able to dispose of their body and therefore to show it without having to report to anybody. All prejudices about women’s sexuality have been shattered since the famous lois #metoo.

Of course they are restrictive but It’s the price to pay for full recognition and respect for female sexuality.

Tom is dreamy thinking this. It has admiration for this woman who flaunts her femininity. He watches a drop of rain hanging from his hair fall to his neck. It sinks between her breasts and ends up dying slowly in her navel.

He looks up. The woman’s steel-blue gaze is screwed into his. He smiles at her.

Slowly, her face impassive, she lifts her arm and reaches out a few inches from Tom’s face. Then a powerful voice she chants: ” BALANCE…. YOUR…. PORK!!!!! “

At this moment, all the women and all the men raise their heads and point their fingers at it, continuing without stopping words of condemnation : “BALANCE YOUR PORK!” BALANCE YOUR PORK! “. Everyone strums at the same time on his cellphone.

The bus stops hastily. A #metoo patrol go upstairs and spot Tom right away. She comes up to him. The woman with the steel-blue gaze speaks up: “I’m throwing a #balancetonporc for insistent gaze.

– Very well, answers the patrol. Please follow us sir. “

Tom gets up throwing an apologetic look to the woman. She is already looking outside again.

An hour later Tom, sitting in the Respect Center (the name of the #metoo administrative building), awaits the results. The patrol reappears: “Sir, the #balancetonporc initiated against you was retweeted more than 500 times within one hour. You are therefore condemned to spend 6 months in a Respect Re-education Center. You will not have the right to no contact with your wife or children. On your return, you will undergo a probationary period of one year under constant video surveillance to verify the good respect towards your wife ”.

Tom gets up, slowly lowers his head, and turns around. The patrol is handcuffing him.

As he leaves for the cold truck that will take him Tom has a thought circling in his mind: ” I am a monster “.

#metoo a people’s court

The principle of Me Too or Balance Ton Porc is to denounce publicly her sexual assailant.

The denunciation is then used d’accusation. And if the information is retweeted enough the target person will go through hell. Because his reputation will be publicly dragged in the mud. That is sentence.

An accused person is therefore automatically condemned.

Yes that’s it: it strongly resembles a people’s court. Then you will say to me: “It does not matter if he is guilty he deserves it”.

The problem is that if popular morality dictates notions of guilt, it ends up giving a bit of anything. I invite you to read the first part of this article which speaks about this subject.

Not to mention the innocents wrongly accused (and therefore convicted).

I think our legal system, however imperfect it is, must manage cases of sexual violence against women. Because the drifts towards a popular inquisition would give us the kind of story I wanted to illustrate in this article.

And if you find that we are very far from arriving at a conviction for a look leaning on the cleavage of a woman, I invite you to read this information leaflet on sexist harassment made by the government.

Edit: a few months after writing this article, the ministry responsible for gender equality withdrew the brochure from its site. The latter listed the behaviors considered to be sexist harassment. And yes, a prolonged gaze was part of it.

#metoo a necessary evil?

Despite all these faults, this movement still has the merit of highlight unacceptable behavior of some men to women. It tries to move the cursor in the direction ofgreater respect for women.

And to change mentalities in a significant way, we have to defend extreme positions towards which we want to strive.

Let me explain. There is a way to make all men understand that‘insist heavily to get a woman’s phone number is completely unacceptable.

This technique is that you have to get across the extreme message thatone look is sexist harassment.

The flip side is that men the most honest will tend to to believe.

Seduction is fingering a rose without getting stung

Mazouz Hacène

To conclude, I agree with the spirit of #metoo but completely in disagreement with methods. As I said it learns from false beliefs on man-woman relations. Because the overwhelming majority of men, those who are already very respectful of women, will tend to take the most extreme positions of #metoo for real.

#partagetonarticle 😉

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Misconception “#metoo will improve male-female relationships” 2/2 – Le Blog Sexologue

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