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Martin is respectful. Because he understands women. He can’t stand that they are bothered. For him, seduction and flirting are two very aggressive notions.

We must not disturb a woman who is with friends in a bar having fun. Out of the question to look at a girl too long on the terrace of a café. If she didn’t ask for anything, you have to leave her alone.

The best is to wait let her take the first step. So that’s for sure she won’t feel not dominated. Equality between men and women will be respected.

It’s the same for outings and activities, he thinks. We choose everything together. The best thing is to ask him his tastes and respect them each time. If you’re not sure it’s better ask him for his opinion.

For sex equality between men and women must also be respected. Penetration is still something super intrusive for women. You really have to be sure and certain that you have their consent before having sex. And be very respectful when making love to them.

So the ideal is still ask them regularly if they are not bothered by penetration during the report. And to be able to decide on sexual activities together.

We should even ask them if they want penetrating us with a sex toy at the same time so that the equality is really perfect.

Yeah that’s right! Super respectful!

Martin suddenly thinks he could teach other men how to treat women well so that they feel equal and respected. He would thus bring a real plus for humanity.

Martin got dumped by all her friends pretty quickly and he’s single for a long time…

A difference in sex roles

Let’s be clear. Equality between men and women is a principle that must be law. Because there should be no difference in treatment from one individual to another based on their sex.

Whether in the professional environment, in everyday social interactions and in general in all rights and duties.

But this beautiful idea absolutely does not work in courtship or intimate relationships. Because the issue is elsewhere.

The purpose of his relations is not to seek equality but on the contrary to point out a difference.

A fundamental difference that is unstoppable because concrete. It is the conformation of the sexes of woman and man. Warning ! One of humanity’s great secrets is about to be revealed. Women have vaginas and men have penises! incredible..

Based on this indisputable observation, there is absolutely no point in to force oneself to achieve artificial equality between men and women.

The sex-toy trick is not an invention of my sick mind. I read it in a popular magazine whose editorial line is the defense of women’s rights. This shows that we come to say nonsense by dint of wanting to introduce this notion of equality where it has no place.

A difference that allows complementarity

The difference between a woman and a man is not a flaw. It’s not a bad thing. Because that does not mean that one will dominate the other.

Men and women can have equal rights and duties by being different. Moreover, it is not sexist to say that the conformations of the sexes being different, men and women will react differently each other with regard to sexuality.

Because one of the basic tenets of behavioral science is that our life experiences shape our personality. We are the sum of what has happened to us in the past.

So a woman who has a vagina, who wears it and experiences it everyday, will not develop the same reflexes as a man vis-à-vis sexuality. Because a man is confronted with a penis daily, throughout his life.

And you know what?… Well it is A very good news! Because a vagina and a penis fit together perfectly.

Finally, fortunately, men and women are different because it allows them to fit together. And from this very simple action will result all theories of sexual behavior between a woman and a man. All the actions that I teach daily in my practice and that work incredibly well!

Man and woman, each is complementary to the other


We can therefore conclude that in terms of sexuality, seduction and the couple, women and men are not equal because they are complementary. And for there to be complementarity, there must necessarily be difference.

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Misconception “Equality between men and women is also for sex” – Le Blog Sexologue

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