Minister of Education and infrastructure in schools: “The students are right, there has been an oversight”

30 Apr 2022 – 1:04 p.m.

What happened?

The Minister of Education, Marco Avilatalked with meganews about the various student demonstrations that have arisen since the school period began, for lack of infrastructure, teachers, comprehensive sex education and protocols against sexual harassment.

In this regard, he pointed out that the first thing should be to ensure decent conditions for educational service, and “In that the students are very right, we believe that there has been an oversight.”

What did he say?

The portfolio manager stated that they have found that “there is a deterioration of the general infrastructure of the country’s establishments and it increased during the pandemic due to lack of maintenance. This clearly puts pressure on the environment.”

In addition, he commented that the last census that the Minsal has is from 12 years ago, and on that date it was already pointed out that there were significant infrastructure gaps. So, “We have announced this fund, which is added to another of more than $20.6 billion, which we already had for the repair of this infrastructure.”

meeting with students

Ávila said that after announcing this Friday that investment will be made in infrastructure and review of police protocols, met with students from INBA and other establishments, in what was the first session of the work table.

The important thing for us is to be able to deactivate these conflicts in advance, providing tools, resources and guidance to the educational community. That is why, for example, we received students from Providencia and Santiago high schools and we have already implemented our first day of non-sexist education, which was a complete success,” he added.

However, the minister was clear that “He wants to separate this joint work from the extreme violence recorded outside the establishments, which often has to do with a criminal nature, and that they are not related to the Mineduc’s own line of business, which is the attention to comprehensive education, mental health and the development of learning”.

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Minister of Education and infrastructure in schools: “The students are right, there has been an oversight”