Minister Ávila announces millionaire investment in mental health and education infrastructure – La Nación

The Minister of Education, Marco Antonio Avila, referred to the demands of high school students, who have demonstrated intensely in recent weeks. In that context, announced that they will make a millionaire investment in infrastructure and a program focused on mental health.

In this context, the government spokesperson minister, Camila Vallejoassured that “We know the seriousness, and not only because of the diagnosis regarding what the students and the educational community have pointed out, but also because our Ministry of Education is monitoring the seriousness that we have in our country of infrastructure”.

“We have schools that are very deteriorated throughout the country, not only in the Metropolitan Region. And that is why we have placed special priority on the agenda of the Ministry of Education to deal with this situation, and this has been something that the President has reiterated, and it has been a mandate from day one that we assumed as a Government”he added.

Then, the head of Education took the floor: “Today we have had this meeting with different ministers. Point out that we have a programmatic coincidence with many of the demands of the students, including mental healththe development of a comprehensive sexual education, the recovery of the infrastructure, and the repair of the learning gaps that the pandemic has caused.”

“We wanted to point out at least two measures that are going to be announced within the framework of the reactivation plan, which are directly related to the demands of the students that we have seen these days. The first has to do with the recovery of the infrastructure, where we are going to make an investment of $10 billion. We look forward to seeing if it is possible to scale this up.” made it known.

The second announcement has to do with “the investment in the life skills program, which we are going to coordinate with the Minister of Health and her teams, which is a program that is going to mean an investment of $11 billion. We believe that this program, which is already an existing policy, is a channel to directly support establishments, educational communities, to take charge of mental health.”

These two measures, in Ávila’s words, “We are going to announce them within the framework of the activation plan, but we believe that it is a forceful response and that it is in tune with the demands of the students”.

“As a ministry, we will always be available to act as a bridge, an intermediary channel, between supporters, municipalities, mayors, and students and families to help them resolve the conflicts that many of them probably have, and that are inherited. We understand the infrastructure crisis, the mental health crisis, and the learning gaps,” she concluded.

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Minister Ávila announces millionaire investment in mental health and education infrastructure – La Nación