Mexico, first place in the world in sexual abuse of minors

The problem of sexual abuse against girls, boys, adolescents and women is a real issue that hurts the entire society of the country, agreed representatives of various groups in defense of the human rights of this sector of society.

According to figures, Mexico is the number one country in the world where the largest number of crimes of sexual abuse against minors is committed.

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Every year, in the country a total of 5.4 million children and adolescents are victims of sexual abuse and of these six out of ten cases occur at home, which means that they are abused by a family member.

Paola Tosta Munoza lawyer for the United Commission Against Trafficking in the state, when participating in the signing of the agreement in favor of Guerrero’s children, stated that in 2019 according to INEGI, in Mexico one of every four girls and one of every six boys, who suffers from sexual abuse is at 8 years of age.

He recognized that there are many causes used by people who engage in human trafficking to abuse minors, such as poverty that has now worsened in the country.

For its part, Guadalupe Carrascoa survivor of the crime of human trafficking in the country, that violence against children and adolescents is the most shameful violation of the human rights of this vulnerable sector of society.

He indicated that only two percent of the victims of trafficking survive this ordeal that ends in total slavery in which they suffer hunger, cold, physical and sexual abuse.

The defenders of the rights of minors, who demanded a solution to the problem of missing women during the signing ceremony of the agreement at a private university in La Costera, asked citizens not to be indifferent to this problem that keeps Mexico in first place in the world.

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Mexico, first place in the world in sexual abuse of minors