Merichane: the importance of sex education

A priori, you can’t imagine like a song can make you reflect on the lack of affective sexual education in society. But Zahara with his song “Merichane” and heartbreaking testimonies, he succeeds. Listening to the lyrics, you are moved, you are distressed and you also worry. Because, unlike what Zahara says at the end of his song, with “Merichane soy yo” … the truth is that Merichane somos todas.

Because we have all lived to a greater or lesser extent, one or more of the stories that are told in this musical work. Son problems and conflictive situations that women experience for the simple fact of being women. In fact, even if you haven’t necessarily lived through all the events that she tells, you will surely empathize with several. Or “they will sound like you”, because women close to you have experienced it.

Zahara en su video clip «Merichane»

A heartbreaking video clip

If the author’s lyrics are very hard, the video clip is not far behind, since it helps us to delve into each of these stories. In it, the singer shows us the distortion between her own body and consent, as well as the shame and guilt she felt after living these experiences. He also tells about all the physical and mental problems that these experiences have caused him. We see sexist situations, abuse, bullying … And the dire consequences suffered in his body and in his life.

And it is that we do not realize how far the human being can go without a correct affective sexual education, but Zahara exposes it to perfection. Without mincing words.

Zahara – Merichane

“Merichane”: more than a song

Although “Merichane” could have remained only a song, it has become a social movement. The singer has invited more women to tell their stories through the hashtag #I was thereIn order to make them see that they are not alone, that she herself has been in the same situation at some point in her life. Through this, thousands of women have understood that they have been victims of sexist action. It has opened eyes and consciences. In addition, with this Zahara has encouraged us to stop being mere spectators to go on to do something about it. To want to change this situation so that it never happens again. Thus, it makes us see that together, and of course TOGETHER, we are stronger.

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Sex education to avoid repeating patterns

The conclusion that I draw with this song? Of course, the enormous lack that society suffers from quality sex education. This can be recognized by observing how all the stories that Zahara tells are the result of the lack of a correct affective sexual education, which begins in early childhood education, and extends until the adult life of people.

Yes, there is a lack of resources, patterns and platforms from which this type of education can be promoted. As I have said many times, the source of sexual information that our young people use the most is porn. This shows misogynistic attitudes and poses a reality in which women have a denigrating role. And this is only in principle. That is why it is necessary to act, consider changes and awaken in ourselves this need to understand that what happened to us, or something else that happened to a friend … is wrong. And among all of us, we must not let it happen again.

Merichane the importance of sex education

For this reason, both sex education, such as learning to love and value oneself (and others), as well as educating in equality and respect, is essential. It is necessary and it is urgent.

If you would like to learn more about affective sexual education, do not hesitate to contact me here!

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Merichane: the importance of sex education

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