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For some time you have been asking me on my social networks to talk about how to better cope with menopause from a psychological perspective. You are already full of tips and tricks on a physical level and for you it is important to learn to lift your spirits throughout the climacteric process. As always, I’m here to help you with my video of the week!

But, before that, I would like you to know a couple of things:

  1. The first is that this Friday at 12 noon (Spanish peninsula) I will be giving a free workshop for all of you called “HAPPY MENOPAUSE”. You just have to leave your data here and I will send you the access as well as the recording in case you cannot be present.

2. The second is that my WhatsApp group Desire & Pleasure for women was a success last month, so I’m going to repeat it! If you want to register you are on time because we start on the 27th. You can inform yourself here.

Having said that, here we go! What can we do to feel better on a psychological level at the time of menopause? I am going to leave you 4 important keys:

  • “What you believe, you believe”: reread the sentence if necessary, it is simple but very powerful. Throughout history, society has been responsible for generating countless erroneous and negative ideas about menopause. How then could we have a good attitude towards her? …and I am sorry to tell you that it has been more than demonstrated how our attitude conditions our reality, including physical symptoms. If you think “this is a horror” you are creating, surely this is how it will be.
  • The physical symptoms are undeniable but what will you do with them? You have 3 options: Get angry (again, a negative attitude that will only make the situation worse), Resign yourself (it’s the same as getting angry but from a passive defense, I don’t think you want to become the Ghandi of the climacteric) or accept yourself (this already like more, accept yourself and respect the needs of your body being flexible with it)
  • Communication: You don’t even have to go through this alone (here’s a good reason to be part of my whatsapp group with other women in your situation) even others cannot guess what you are going through (which is why it is imperative that you communicate your needs, no matter how obvious they may seem)
  • Finally, although you already know this, take care of yourself on a physical level: exercise, eat well, get enough rest and… super important! Take care of your pelvic floor. So important is this topic that it has always had content in Sexperimentando and…even a complete course that you can access from here!

I encourage you to get down to work with your attitude, you have in your hands to take a different perspective. Of course, I also encourage you to share my video of the week with your friends, it will help them! Here it is:

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MENOPAUSE: How to take it better on a psychological level. Lifting spirits in the climacteric – Sexperimentando

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