Mendoza: they denounce that two priests gave mass without the endorsement of the local Archbishopric

The archbishopric of mendoza surprised the religious community a few weeks ago by notifying that two parish priests who worked in the province they did not have authorization for “exercise his pastoral ministry”. This is not just any priest: one of them, Andres Quiroga, is the same one who starred in a scandal in Santa Feto the fire two policemen Mass during quarantine restrictions.

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from the clergy of one-eyed deer confirmed to TN that the priest is a native of Mendoza and returned after almost 14 years.

“They do not have authorization to practice”

The situation in Mendoza of two priests from other dioceses turned on alerts in the religious community in the middle of the month.

The parish priest Andrés Quiroga starred in a scandal in 2021 by kicking police officers out of the church. (Photos: video captures).

According to a document issued by the local Archbishopric, these are parish priests who do not belong to the Curia of Mendoza and who they are not authorized to exercise religious activity.

It’s about the priests Gustavo Daniel Caro and Andres Quiroga. “They do not have any type of authorization to exercise their pastoral ministry” in the jurisdiction.

The Mendoza archdiocese considered that it was “serious irregularities”because none of the persons mentioned was authorized to lead Catholic rites or impart the sacraments.

As indicated in the statement, the reaction arose from the warnings that came to those responsible for the Church to prevent them from Caro, of the clergy of La Pampa, and Quiroga, of Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe, lead masses, make confessions or attend weddings.

“Father Cristian Caro does not have ministerial licenses in his diocese of origin nor here in Mendoza,” the authorities affirmed.

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As for Quiroga, they clarified that he is in the jurisdiction for “health reasons”, of which no details were provided. “He does not have ministerial licenses to preside over the Holy Mass in no chapel or in his housenor receive confessions, nor administer the other sacraments or attend marriages in this Archdiocese,” the statement said.

In the text they explained that they decided to expose the information “before different consultations made” and to “prevent all kinds of opportunism, misunderstandings” or that the faithful can see each other “surprised in their good faith.

The Archbishopric of Mendoza reported the situation to the faithful. (Photo: Google Street View).
The Archbishopric of Mendoza reported the situation to the faithful. (Photo: Google Street View).

The priest Quiroga, again the focus of controversy

This is not the first time that one of the targeted priests, Andrés Quiroga, has been at the center of public controversy.

This is the same priest who a little less than a year ago was involved in a scandal in the Santa Fe town of Amenábar. At the time he became known for having fired several policemen who interrupted a mass, whose celebration was prohibited due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

As he was able to find out TN, arrived in the diocese of Venado Tuerto after being ordained a priest in La Pampa. “In 2008 arrived in Santa Fe and until before the middle of last year he was in charge of two parishesin addition to some collaborations”, detailed the father Diego Cavanaugh, in front of the Cathedral of Venado Tuerto.

“People have always said that he was a good priest. From the video that was broadcast in the pandemic, which it looks like it affected him emotionallyasked the Bishop for the transfer”, he recounted about his return to his native province, where he lives with his family.

Mendoza: they denounce that two priests gave mass without the endorsement of the local Archbishopric

As Cavanagh explained, he was granted the corresponding license to leave his position in Amenábar and the Mendoza scleciastic authorities only gave him authorization to celebrate mass “privately”, that is, at home.

That permit was limited in time and finished in January of this year. “The I should have applied for renewal. There was his flaw. We tried to communicate, but we couldn’t,” added the priest from Venado Tuerto.

Apparently, Quiroga continued to lead celebrations and some of the faithful found out about the irregularity. “I understand that what you want to protect is that a kind of parallel parishbecause he offered mass privately”, closed Cavanagh.

east half tried to communicate with the priest through his family, but so far they have not expressed themselves on the matter or the current situation of Quiroga.

From the international transcendence that had the case of Provolo Institutewith priests with a history of sexual abuse who came to Mendoza from other dioceses, the authorities tightened controls and requirements of new clerics.

In that sense, now the priests must present a psychophysical qualification and a background folderbefore being able to practice in the province.

In dialogue with TN, Father Marcelo De Benedectis, spokesman for the Archbishopric of Mendoza, confirmed that the authorities’ decision was made to alert the local community. In addition, he stressed that they have not been able to communicate with Quiroga since then.

“In the name of Christ, get out of the house of God”: this is how he kicked out the police in the midst of a pandemic

At the end of May 2021 the national government had once again imposed harsh restrictions to contain cases of COVID-19which had suddenly exploded.

Among several measures, religious celebrations could not be held. However, Quiroga presided over one in the parish located on Juan Pablo II street, between Quintana and Rivadavia.

The unusual “exorcism” was recorded by a witness.

The agents detected what was happening and entered around the end of the evening mass at 7:00 p.m. When confronting the priest to remind him that meetings were prohibited in closed places, it reacted unexpectedly.

In a video that immediately went viral, the scene was recorded. “So that I don’t perform mass next weekend they will have to kill me”, expressed Quiroga. and “Just as you owe it to the authorities, I owe it to the word of God”, he argued.

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He then directly kicked out the troops. “In the name of Christ, outside the house of God”, He was heard saying with a large cross held high.

By then, I already had history of questions in the community of Amenábar for having exposed and asked questions about the sexual life of a young woman during a catechism class. It happened in 2011, in the Saint Joseph Institutefrom which he was removed.

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Mendoza: they denounce that two priests gave mass without the endorsement of the local Archbishopric