MEC registers 20 complaints of sexual abuse in schools

So far this year, the MEC has registered 20 cases of child sexual abuse that were reported in educational institutions. They are data from the General Directorate for Child Protection of the portfolio.

In less than three months from the start of classes, they have already exceeded the figures for all of last year, where there were 9 incidents of sexual abuse.

There are 9 cases of sexual harassment in schools and another 15 of bullying in this 2022, where boys and girls return to face-to-face classes after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic.

There was also a complaint for pregnancy and 21 complaints of physical, verbal and psychological abuse.

The figures are part of the records of the Ministry of Children and Adolescents, which only last year registered 1,579 complaints of sexual abuse of children and adolescents in its files during 2021.

“We view these cases with concern because bullying begins at younger ages,” lamented the Director of Childhood Education, Sonia Escauriza.

He explains that in previous years, the cases of bullying were generated mainly in the Middle School or in the third cycle of the Basic School.

But now, he warns, it starts in preschool and first grade.

“We believe that the pandemic also brought some issues. We see less patience in the cases that we take and that are reported by educational institutions. The deal is also changing according to what we verify,” lamented the official.

THE PRIVATE. More cases have been registered in privately managed educational institutions since 2021, always according to the Ministry’s report. “There are many cases in private schools and the complaints often do not reach us first, they go to other instances, even to commissions of the National Congress,” says Escauriza. The event at the private school where sexual abuse was reported reached the Public Ministry before the MEC. From the educational entity they denounced that the school did not notify about the case. They even reported the case as bullying and not as sexual abuse.

The protocol that governs to act in cases of this type establishes as a first measure the notification to higher dependencies of the state portfolio.

COMPLAINT. The MEC filed a complaint with the Public Ministry about the actions of the school authorities. The owner, Nicolás Zárate, repudiated the situation.

School bullying occurs at younger ages after the pandemic. Many cases are from private schools. Sonia Escauriza, Director of Childhood of the MEC.

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MEC registers 20 complaints of sexual abuse in schools