Mayor Jorge Espejo was overruled in the case for alleged sexual abuse

This Tuesday, the Justice of Jáchal dismissed the mayor of the Church, Jorge Espejo, in the case for alleged simple sexual abuse in which he was denounced by a 41-year-old former municipal employee.

According to what the lawyer Nasser Uzair told Diario de Cuyo, Judge Eduardo Vega ruled in his resolution that “the fact under investigation was not committed” and provided a series of keys that led the magistrate to grant the dismissal.

One of them was an ocular inspection in the house of the community chief, since the complainant had said that Espejo took her to her room after going down some stairs, but in the house of Espejo there is no such construction; the psychological expertise carried out on the woman did not show evidence of having suffered sexual abuse and also the contradictions discovered in the story.

In the previous inquiries, the Iglesiano mayor always reiterated what he had been stating publicly: that he never had an encounter with women and that, much less, he sexually abused one of them.

The case had caused a great stir, since the woman had exhibited in the Church Sectional and, later, in the Jáchal Court, who was the victim of groping by Espejo, after a party that had been given in mid-October of the last year. Three other women were at that meeting, but they left earlier and about whom she did not give their names so as not to compromise them.

The mayor had reiterated in the investigation that he never received the former employee or other women in his home. Regarding the complainant, he pointed out that she did not go to work and that, when she did, she created conflicts on the salary issue and the incorporation of permanent staff, explained his lawyer. In this context, on February 1 the woman’s contract was terminated and, according to Uzair, that same day she filed the complaint.

“The intention was to take revenge for the termination of the contract,” said the professional, who remarked that the complainant had indicated in her statement that “if Dr. Peralta did not tell me to make the complaint, he would not do so,” in addition to the fact that the woman He had also stated that the latter lawyer had tried to “reconcile the relationship with Espejo after the fact.”

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Mayor Jorge Espejo was overruled in the case for alleged sexual abuse