Masturbation during menstruation >> FAQ

Masturbating during your period is obvious for some and an aberration for others … If there is no injunction to remember, some advice in this area is still good to take! Here are the answers to three questions about masturbation during menstruation.

can you masturbate during your period?

Yes, you can masturbate during your period. This practice does not involve any risk, as confirmed by gynecologist Samantha Quirin:

“There is no contraindication to masturbating during your period… It’s really linked to the urge! “

Because as often, if the possibility exists, it is above all important to listen to oneself and to do it only if one wishes it, under the conditions which suit us best.

For some, like Claire, the question does not really arise:

“I masturbate very regularly, so sometimes it falls off during my period without being intending or bothering me.” I don’t put my fingers inside anyway, so it really doesn’t change a thing! “

what are the benefits of masturbation during menstruation?

Beyond the very practical immediate pleasure (no need for a partner to be able to enjoy it!), masturbation helps to counter period pain. Dr Quirin specifies:

“To my knowledge, no study that has been done to study the link between masturbation and the relief of menstruation pain, but it is intuitive to think that if we react the pleasure circuit, it should relieve the pain.

We are currently seeing the emergence of a current of masturbation during childbirth, for painless childbirth. Period pains can be similar to childbirth, as they are contractions, although they are less intense. So if it can relieve the pain of childbirth, it can relieve the pain of menstruation! “

Logic is relentless, but it has a limit: under pain, desire can be extinguished. It is therefore difficult for some to consider masturbation as a solution, especially since the reduction in pain is only fleeting.

When you masturbate during your period, it is possible to keep your internal hygienic protections (menstrual cup or tampon) if you are content to stimulate only the external part of your penis (vulva and glans of the clitoris).

Many take pleasure like this … Others, like Dany, still prefer to remove their protections:

“Even though I don’t masturbate while practicing penetration, I prefer to remove my tampon. It may be a little raw said like that but the contact of my fingers with the string kills my desire and I have the impression that it dries me up, it’s unpleasant. “

Without protection, or in the context of masturbation with penetration, the issue of blood can be a problem if you are afraid of staining your things or sextoys. You can then decide to place a towel under your buttocks, and to put a condom on your vibrator.

With the fingers, there is no particular risk as long as you are comfortable with your blood. Claire, interviewed above, explains that she sees the only difference between masturbation with or without rules that this “colored wet” which goes by washing the hands.

So, to the question of how to masturbate during your period, there is ultimately no real answer except to do as you feel. Your body is yours, it’s up to you to listen to it.

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Masturbation during menstruation >> FAQ

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