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This article follows on from the previous “Masculinity: what is an attractive man?” “. So I highly recommend that you read it to fully understand what we are going to talk about now.

We have therefore just demonstrated that masculinity is expressed by the ability to symbolic penetration. In other words : penetrance.

I am therefore going to give you concrete examples of the ways of acting which demonstrate that you are indeed penetrating.

This concept breaks down into 3 behavioral traits, that is to say, how to act in your daily life. The fact of training and practicing these 3 basics of masculinity will automatically have an impact on those around you.

Indeed you will be perceived as an attractive man if you adopt these behaviors.

It will also have an impact on you as it is a great way to boost your self-confidence.

These are the societal codes of masculinity, independence and proactivity.

Societal codes of masculinity

We will start with the concept maybe weirdest penetrance: sticking to the codes that society imposes on us to show that you are indeed a penetrating man.

Eh yes ! Surprisingly there is a sort of custom, tradition in every society that exists so that we can easily recognize penetrating men.

Let us take a striking example to demonstrate all of this. For that we will look at what these codes are in a company other than ours.

Male codes in a tribe in New Guinea

I think you have seen reports of this tribe in New Guinea where the men wear a penis sheath. They put their penis in a kind of cone held by a string around the waist. If you’ve never seen it click here for the Wikipedia page on the subject.

Well in this tribe, the societal code which allows to recognize a very masculine man is this penis sheath.

The women there are interested by those men who wear this ornament on their sex. Because these men will be immediately coded as more attractive than those who do not.

Little boys dream of having this penis sheath and will be very proud the day they are allowed to wear it.

In addition each code of masculinity or penetrance is specific to a type of company. The proof: try going out in a club in Paris with your penis holster and flirting… I’m not sure success is guaranteed.

Obviously because in our society, such pageantry is just ridiculous because it is not our tradition.

The conclusion of this example is that societal codes of masculinity are somewhat arbitrary ancestral decisions.

A guy hundreds of years ago woke up one morning thinking that it would be a great idea to put a thing on his cock to look more masculine.

So yes all these codes are a bit stupid.

They are based on old societal traditions which are passed down from generation to generation. Without any real logical explanation.

It’s stupid but the problem is that it works. And that it even works very well.

Besides, imagine a man who by conviction would not want to wear his penis sheath. We can easily visualize the result: he would be less masculine and attractive than the other men of the tribe.

Codes of masculinity in our societies

So with us, we have just seen that it is not the penile adornments that attract women.

So what are our codes of masculinity suddenly?

Well in our society it is essentially The way to dress. Sticking to fashion will immediately and effortlessly make you more attractive.

This is our code.

And like the penis sheath it’s a bit stupid but it works very well. Likewise, if you do not comply with this rule, you will be perceived as less penetrating than a man who is dressed in the fashion of the moment.

It is true that all this may seem a little strange but it is a fact: masculine men will want to show themselves as such by adopting the codes of masculinity. So by dressing in fashion.

In addition, the opposite phenomenon is also true: dressing in fashion and sticking to societal codes, will make you feel more penetrating.

It is a virtuous circle.

Conversely, a man who lacks masculinity will have difficulty accepting societal codes and will sometimes even reject them outright.

So after reading this article, I urge you to go to Pinterest and type in “men’s fashion”. You will see that there are 3 or 4 outfits that stand out all the time: this is our code of masculinity.

For information apart from the way to dress there are also other codes such as beards, tattoos and some accessories such as bracelets. In any case, at the time of this writing, that is to say in 2020.

Indeed these codes of masculinity also change according to the times!

Independence is penetrating

The second notion of penetrance is independence.

We will define this concept by a state of mind. You should be able to say to your partner, “ I do not need you but my life is better with you. “

Or to the woman you are trying to seduce: “I don’t need you and I wouldn’t be sad if we didn’t go out together. “

Finally, this independence is relatively counterintuitive. Because popular culture, through romantic films in particular, rather imposes on us the notion that love and need are synonymous.

For example at the end of the film when the 2 lovers meet, it is often because there is one who says to the other “I need you”.

If it is the man who implores the woman in this way, then she realizes that in the end he may not be an asshole and she will fall in love again in the second. They kiss and we can start the end credits.

Try telling a woman in real life that you need her. I want to say really need it.

In the sense if she left you you would be distraught and your life would lose its meaning. Or if you tried to seduce her that you would be devastated if she rejected your advances.

Well I can tell you that she won’t fall for you. Rather, you have every chance thatshe runs away.

And she would be right.

If you express a dependence on a woman you will automatically switch to to the status of child. Because only children really need a wife. Their mother in this case. And we don’t play games of seduction with our children.

Emotional addiction as it is commonly called is a sign that you are not penetrating. So not attractive.

Proactivity is the basis of penetrance

The last notion and the one that signs for sure masculinity is proactivity.

The behavior of a proactive man is to‘act without being told.

Being able to do things without having to ask for it is therefore a very strong sign of penetrance.

The women are there very sensitive because it is a very masculine behavior.

Let’s take an example :

A first man tries to seduce a woman, he says to her:

“Tonight I want to make you happy, tell me what you want to do and we’ll do it!” “

A second man arrives and says:

“Tonight I want to make you happy, there is a small restaurant which has just opened in the city center, I have reserved a table for us, put on your coat I’ll take you ! »

Which do you think is the most penetrating, the most proactive and therefore the most attractive?

The second obviously. And let me tell you that there is a world between these two personalities.

A woman sure of her femininity will systematically prefer a man who makes her a proposal rather than a suitor who has no particular desire and who adapts to her.

On the other hand, I usually say in consultation that this proactivity is the cross of man.

His burden.

Because yes it is good more tiring to think about what would make this woman happy, take the reservation, organize the party and at the end of the day take the risk of messing up than asking her what she wants to do and obeying her.

But it is precisely this expenditure of energy that is attractive!

Seduction is offering to complement each other

Masculinity is the art of complementing yourself with femininity

So you can see it’s not that hard to be a good looking man.

You just need to dress in the fashion of the moment, realize that you are capable of fending for yourself and make proposals.

By doing this you are showing that you have a personality and therefore that you offer it to the coveted woman.

Your personality that she will accept … Or not !

And yes all this is not a guarantee that you will fall all the women!

Only that you will be a penetrating man and therefore attractive.

You will thus show that you are masculine and the woman opposite can then choose to complete each other with you thanks to her femininity.

In the next article I will describe you femininity to understand exactly what it means. And you will find that women too have a burden to carry in order to be attractive.

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