Marisela, policewoman, denounces abuse and harassment within the Sinaloa corporation

Sinaloa.- “My dream was always to be a police officer. Since she was a child she dreamed of wearing the uniform, but from the first day I tried entering the ranks I suffered from sexual harassment. From that day on I realized that being a woman was the main impediment to fulfilling my dreams”, she expresses. Marisela, active policewoman in the Public Security Directorate of a municipality in northern Sinaloa.

Concerned about joining the Ministerial Police almost 25 years ago, Marisela, whose name was changed for her safety, says that she gathered all the documents and a few pesos to go to Culiacán, accompanied by a top-level official from the choix municipality, who said he would take her to the corporation to apply admission to the police academy.

“That person put me in a hotel and said that I had to spend two nights with him to earn the opportunity to deliver those documents. At that moment I left, I took a truck to Los Mochis, where I arrived almost at dawn and stayed to sleep at the truck terminal, anxiously waiting for dawn to return home. By God’s design I was no longer ministerial.”

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A year later, Marisela tried to be a police officer again, but this time she went to the Municipal Police of Choix, where military commanders had just arrived.

“We called them the furry ones, because they were military. The director let me in, but he told me that I would be his personal guard,” he said.

Armed with courage, she asked him why he didn’t give her a work point, but she denounces that the official tried to abuse her.

“A colleague defended me and the director told us that we were both discharged. Very angry, we went to look for the mayor and when we informed him of what had happened, he said that if the director made that decision, he had his reasons. On leaving the office we met the director and he apologized to us, but he said that we would not be part of the police in Choix. He sent us to a neighboring municipality to look for another opportunity”.

the new destiny

Upon reaching the recommended place, the director, who was also a military man, informed them that only she would enter the corporation. She reported to this medium that since she was left alone with him in her office, this person also tried to abuse her.

“As soon as he ran to my partner and said that only I was accepted, he wanted to sit me on his lap. I told him that I was going to be a police officer, not to prostitute myself.” Marisela finds it hard to speak, and at times her voice trails off as she remembers the most difficult stage of her life. cry.

A commander, back then, operational director of the municipal corporation, abused her every night for almost six months. “Every night I would get on the patrol car with him, he would take me out of the municipality and abuse me. It was like six months in which I lived that terror of being abused and hurt by that man.

She denounces that in this situation she tried on several occasions to unsubscribe from the corporation and retire, but the attempts cost her the six months that she was abused by her superior until she managed to leave and look for another job opportunity to support her mother with expenses. she was sick.

“I retired because I wanted to forget everything that happened there. Years later I came back, but what was my surprise when I realized that nothing had changed”.


Marisela said that when she returned to the Municipal Police, the director of the corporation was a state agent who, without tempting her heart, told her: “you are going to be my old lady.”

She remembers that with great courage she told her aggressor that before sleeping with him she slept with any drunk on the street. “Maybe that was my mistake, because I hit his ego and he took a lot of courage.”

She narrates that one Police Day she took her family to the celebration, but when they left they beat them all in front of her. “My principal beat them up.”

The harassment and abuse did not stop there. Just a few months later, a Municipal Police checkpoint detained a very close relative of hers.

“He told me that it was my commander who hit him,” he added, knowing that it was his direct relative.

On that occasion, he says, his family member’s truck was taken from him, dismantled and thrown into the river.
Marisela revealed that she decided to file a complaint against the commander, but this had no consequences.

“I filed a complaint, but nothing happened; on the contrary, years later, when the commander took his trust control exam, he brought up this issue”.

He mentioned that a public ministry called his family member who had just turned of age and made him sign the pardon. “They did not allow me to enter with him and they threatened him so that he would sign the pardon for that commander.”

She details that, drowning in tears, her relative told her that she had to sign the pardon, because if not, the ones who would pay the consequences would be herself as an active municipal police officer or some other members of her family.

They abused their authority many times”, they beat their loved ones “for not opening their legs”, he says.

He added that the situation of sexual harassment and abuse continues in the corporation. The agent even questions how some commanders were promoted to directors.

Violations are normalized

“How can it be possible that even the uniforms deny us? When the new uniforms arrived I kept the old clothes, because when asking for it they asked for oral sex to give me the new uniform, they showed me its parts and demanded payment for the work team”.

Unfortunately, she said, this happens to many, but they are afraid to speak out, they are afraid to say what has been done to them.

“I am one more victim of all the compañeras who have passed through the police forces and unfortunately many times I have kept silent for my children, for my family and out of shame, because if I had known how to defend myself before, I would not have left so many things behind” .

Drowned in tears, she comments on the moment when she had to face her daughters to ask them not to enter the corporation when they expressed their dreams and concerns about being like their mother and wearing the uniform like her.

“For me it was an honor to wear the uniform and to go to my daughters’ school. I saw that they were proud of me, but now I am ashamed”.

Finally, he told all the girls and young women who dream of being police officers, not to do it.
“If you really want to be a police officer, don’t let them. Right now there are many institutions that support us. Do not be left, ”she concluded.

raise your voice

Like Marisela, sexual harassment against women is a situation that, she assures, is experienced daily within the police forces in Sinaloa.

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The most recent case, published by Debate on March 7 of this year, is in the municipality of Ahome, Sinaloa, where a group of female police officers pointed out this practicethat instead of attending to the interior of the corporation, for ehe Secretary of Public Security himself, was turned over to the Honor and Justice Commission (of the corporation itself), where It is in the administrative process.

After two hearings within this commission, the representative of the offended women, as well as their legal advisers, requested that the complaint be discussed in the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection of Ahome, as well as in the municipal presidency; however, this has not been possible. There is still no date for a third hearing to follow up on this case.

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Marisela, policewoman, denounces abuse and harassment within the Sinaloa corporation