Male sexuality 5 tips

Male sexuality 5 tips

Male sexuality 5 tips offers you a reflection on the critical moment that men go through when it comes to catching up on the field of sexuality. Confusion, fears, unresolved doubts and sexual dysfunctions that suddenly jump out as a result. Triggers (erection failure), fear of not measuring up, anxiety about sexual performance, penis size, always being sexually willing and obsession with being able to satisfy the partner. The pressure does not seem to have limits.


It seems obvious to start by advising you to know your own body. Sexual learning in adolescence has meant that most men have reached adulthood with a significant lack of knowledge of their own erotic body. Sexual repression and fear of discovery have led to the discovery of rapid, genital-focused masturbation. The consequence of this is the excessive sexual load in this part of our body. It practically means to suffer in adulthood from premature ejaculation. The continuous repetition of a cycle of sexual response very fast and focused on the penis causes sexual tension to be concentrated in this area. And it is going to make it more difficult to be able to enjoy with peace of mind and control in the future.

In another place I indicated the exercise of sexual self-esteem that I call the PLEASURE MAP. It explained the importance of recognizing our entire sexed body, exploring and expanding the body areas to better enjoy it. Discovering our capacity for pleasure in more areas of the body will help the sexual response not load so quickly and we have greater control over orgasm.

The skin is the erogenous organ by excellence. In fact, the skin covers our entire body and has a sensitive capacity and, moreover, eroticisable.

«Male Sexuality: Men or Titans?

Remembering at this point that the skin is the erogenous zone par excellence may seem unnecessary. For men it is still a discovery to be able to enjoy their whole body and understand that sexual relations do not carry a greater obligation than pleasure and enjoyment of the senses. Neither maintain an erection, nor have to wait for your partner to reach orgasm, nor have continuous sexual desire. As i say in my book we are not titans but human beings, flesh and blood, subjected to stress, fatigue and even libido levels that may be lower than that of many women.


There is a misconception that the erection should be instantaneous or very fast. Nothing is further than normal. From the age of 45 onwards, many men find that their sexual response takes longer to happen and that erections are no longer as fast as when they were in their 20s. Understanding that this is a natural change in our male sexuality will help prevent it from becoming a problem.

I have found in most cases of erectile dysfunction this devastating prejudice. Recently a woman consulted because her boyfriend was not aroused fast enough for her taste and that made her doubt her own sexual attractiveness as a couple. Thinking like this increases confusion and can lead to a sexual problem based on lack of information. Everything in life takes time and in this fast-paced time where we try to do everything quickly, it is easy to stumble.

Erections, like vaginal lubrication, are reflex responses that occur when we become sexually aroused. In both cases they are part of sexual response that is progressive and that it takes a different time for each person to be complete and reach their fullness. Not be in a rush and letting nature do its job is the best advice in this case.

The myth of instant erection It is reinforced with another false belief that often goes unnoticed: it is not true that women take longer to become aroused than men, OR that they require a greater amount of stimulation to achieve it. We already have two problems: a heterosexual couple (woman-man) with the wrong expectation that he will achieve a full erection from the beginning and also be turned on her to make her enjoy. Sexuality becomes something difficult from these false expectations and contrary to sexual biology itself.


Male and female sexual response can fluctuate in intensity. It is completely normal for the erection to go down or disappear during sexual intercourse. Especially if we focus on giving pleasure to the partner and attending to the sexual needs of the other person. If we prolong the sexual game, it is normal for moments of excitement and relaxation to follow, both pleasant. Therefore, the erection is not permanent once achieved. That it goes down or is lost at a given moment is not a dysfunction or a problem but something normal and necessary.

The false belief that the erection must be permanent is associated with the sexual model centered on intercourse as the end. This, in turn, makes things go fast and we can stumble. Little erotic play, brief monotonous intercourse, and a rush to orgasm do not help enjoyment and are a minefield for sexual dysfunctions.

Everything in life requires time and in this fast-paced age where we try to do everything quickly, it is easy to stumble.

Once again the pressure to live up to what is considered a normal sexual relationship it makes many men feel insecure, “fail” and distressed at this point. Therefore the best advice is to recreate at all times, feel your body and regain the prominence of your sexuality. Restore sexual pleasure in oneself and forget if we are doing it right. A sexual encounter is not an exam but a playful moment. And men pay a high price to disconnect from our body. Understanding and correcting this is the first step towards balance and quality sex.

Male sexuality tips
Learn about male sexuality to enjoy without fear


By now I am aware of what to say, for the thousandth time, that size does not matter, it’s not going to be of much help. As an eminent scientist said “These are terrible times when it is easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice” (Albert Einstein). Once again ignorance and sexual taboo cause many men to undergo uncertain operations to retouch their genitals and conform to a false image of themselves. Much damage has been done by pornography by confusing fantasy and reality in the minds of uninformed men.

So that Google does not penalize me for duplicating content, I refer you to my post “Penis enlargement: size does not matter” where I explain it sufficiently. Taking into account that the average size of an erect penis is around 13 centimeters, what is important is the use that is given to it more than its shape, length or thickness. By the way, I have seen cases of heterosexual couples where the woman felt internal vaginal pain caused by the friction of the penis with the cervix. Therefore, erotic preferences aside, a longer-than-average penis can cause more problems than anything else. Without thereby providing advantages to your own pleasure or that of your partner.

Let’s stop measuring, competing or comparing ourselves. Our masculine sexuality begins in the knowledge of the own body and in the experimentation from autoeroticism. Sexuality is learned and discovered by sharing what is discovered with other people. In this way we enrich ourselves and we create what we like and what it gives us. There is no concept of normal or abnormal sexuality except for aggression or imposition. Everything is valid between adults if it is consented and serves the enjoyment and mutual communication.

Male sexuality 5 tips 1
  • Erection problems They are those that interfere with the development of the arousal phase, interrupting the sexual response.
  • It is believed that there are approximately 150 million men with ED in the world, and that by 2025 it is expected that 320 million will suffer from it.
  • Every man will suffer any episode of problems with your erection throughout his life. Taking it easy will help you get over it.
  • In most cases know how your body works It will help you prevent it from becoming a problem.
  • Consult with a specialist if episodes of erection failure recur and prevent you from enjoying your sexual intercourse.


Male sexuality continues to be plagued by false expectations and old roles that prevent us from enjoying ourselves and generate dysfunction. We’ve gone over the most common conflicts that I observe in sex therapy up to this point. If this happens to you and your sexuality is not going well, do not hesitate to contact a specialist in Sexology. There are good solutions and, as we have seen, many problems are caused by a lack of information and false or exaggerated expectations of what sex is expected to be.

In general, male sexual problems have to do with problems that affect erection, low libido, and control of orgasm or ejaculation. Brief sex therapy usually works well within a reasonable amount of time. The biggest problem that I find in men who suffer from any sexual dysfunction is the excessive time it takes to ask for help and assume that they have a problem. Once again the fear of failure plays against us and our sexual self-esteem suffers for it.

book "Male sexuality, men or titans?"by Fernando Villadangos

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Male sexuality 5 tips

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