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Contraception, a woman’s affair? Not only: while they are only fertile a few days a month, certain means exist to stop the fertility of men 365 days a year…. Let’s discover them!

The means of contraception for men have existed for a long time: the condom was already used in the Roman era! Yet in many couples, once tested for STIs and STDs, the burden of contraception often falls to the women, ignoring the alternatives on the men’s side.

pill for men, heated contraceptive briefs… What are the means of contraception for men?

If the birth control pills for women has been marketed worldwide since the 1960s, the pill for men remains for the moment only a fantasy. In March 2019, researchers announced that they had successfully test a male pill… However, it is not yet possible to declare victory: it will probably be necessary to wait still years before the placing on the market of a pill for men.

So in the meantime, here are the various possible options for “contracepting” yourself when you have testicles:

  • the condom is the best-known contraceptive for men. It also allows to protect yourself from STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and STIs (sexually transmitted infections) which is not the case with other methods of contraception for men.

  • the slip contraceptif Where heated briefs works on a mechanical thermal principle. It raises the testicles in a high position, causing a heating, which results in a drop in the number of sperm produced. For proper operation of the process, this device must be worn 15 hours per day minimum, for at least 3 months. Only then can you consider yourself on male contraception.

  • The hormonal contraceptive injections for men consist of a weekly injection, making contraception effective after 1 to 3 months. Unfortunately, only two doctors offer this solution in France.

  • The vasectomy, also known as permanent sterilization of man.

The withdrawal method should be avoided because of its 22% failure rate. This means that 22% of couples who use this technique for a year declare a pregnancy.

There also remains the solution of spermicide, in the form of contraceptive gel or a egg to be inserted deep in the vagina. This method also having a high failure rate, it is advisable to use it in conjunction with another solution such as a condom or diaphragm.

testimony of a man under contraception: Maxime and his Andro-Switch ring

the heated briefs is not the only means of contraception for men based on the principle mechanical thermal. L’Andro-Switch contraceptive ring, more recent, is its evolution.

It will also keep the testicles in a high position, warm, so as to weaken sperm production until the man is no longer fertile.

Maxime, its designer, says that he left control for his partners for a long time in matters of contraception:

“And then 4 years ago, my partner told me that she could no longer tolerate any contraception. We were interested in what we could do naturally on my side. That’s how I came across the thermal contraception, with the heated briefs. As the idea is to keep the testicles in a high position to succeed in contraception, I wondered if a ring would not be enough…”

He turns to a design office and ends up creating the Andro-Switch ring, made to measure and in silicone. A real success according to him:

“I admit that the first time I lifted my testicles, I wondered what I was doing. Culturally it is not valued… But less than two hours later, I had forgotten about it. There is no pain or discomfort! Moreover, today I regularly forget to remove it after my 15 hours daily. I sometimes wonder why this effective male contraceptive is not as banal as the condom ! »

Jeneveuxplusdecookies, another user of this ring testifies on his Instagram account:

“Up, I don’t feel anything. So nothing that comes to me the reflex to touch to check that the ring is well positioned, testicles included. And every time it does!
I take this opportunity to slip in something… We are talking about a contraceptive method without side effects, 37 € for life (or 74 € if you take two, which is better if you lose one), without hormones & natural ! It’s still crazy isn’t it? »

However, if these numerous means of contraception for men exist, their deployment is often found limited by society.

means of contraception for men, their limits and the mental load

And Maxime maintains that his Andro-Switch ring has been liberating for his partners, he also knows that the sacred vision of sperm and male fertility prevents some of its congeners from taking the plunge.

The deployment of many birth control methods for women for decades, and lack of communication about contraceptive methods for men interrogates. Why does the mental burden of contraception most generally fall on women? Why despite changes in society about sexism, equality in the couple, this subject remains forgotten?

Some then speak of the painfulness of solutions such as the Andro-Switch ring or even contraceptive injections. Others will tell them that a woman on the pill must think about it every day, and another with an intrauterine device must wear it in her uterus for years.

Noémie, who follows Dans Ma Culotte on Instagram, raises another point: she is not against the principle of male contraception, but she does not wish to rely on it in her current situation.

“My boyfriend is rather airheaded and I don’t want to take any risks. I am someone who likes to control everything in my life.
Actually for me it’s not about gender, but more about personality or reliable option available. »

Finally, as often, the best solution for everyone remains to be open to discussion and listening to your partner 🙂

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Male contraception ᐅ All means of contraception

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