Make love as much as you can. Do it for us.

At this very moment, millions of singles are locked up in their homes, alone, wondering when they will ever have sex again, doubting if they will ever be able to do it again without risking their lives or the lives of their families. If you are not in that situation; if you still can, you have to make more love; you have to do everything you can, you have to do it for all of us.

Since the lockdown began, our wine consumption has increased, but the frequency with which we have sex has greatly decreased.

It’s not a comfortable position, we know, but you, who have a partner, are important and you should consider our dilemma the next time you say you don’t feel like making love. We understand that there are many reasons for not wanting to do it at all times, and that Being cooped up together for so long too often pushes us further apart than closer. But remember us, the singles by fact or by default. Of those who were caught too young by this and robbed of their opportunity. Of those who were surprised away and have no choice but to wait. Remember them because many of them remember you frequently.

It is true, many do not wish you anything good, envious of those who have a partner like you. But others do, others have you as a reference; you are our hope We dream of being in your situation soon, we feed our fantasies thinking about what you will be doing right now, you who can do it.

We know that right now you may also think that this is a responsibility that you do not want, that you are also having a hard time, that you also need to be understood. That being locked up, maintaining half social distance with your partner is not easy at all. If coexistence is already a tricky issue, we know it, imagine what it will be like in the midst of a global crisis.

More time together does not mean more sex together, although we like to dream that it is. At least that’s what psychologist and author, the Dra. Alexandra Solomonwhen he asked his more than 50,000 Instagram followers: 60% of them claimed that their eroticism had plummeted.

Dr. Solomon is not the only one surprised. Some of the testimonials in a recent vogue article they say things like: “Since the lockdown started, our wine consumption has increased, but the frequency with which we have sex has decreased a lot,”says Nicholas, 27, a publicist who has been in a relationship for five years.

Nicky, a 38-year-old creative director in her fifth year of marriage, also shares that sentiment: “I thought my husband and I were going to have lots of sex with all the time we were spending together, especially now that we’re both unemployed or underemployed, but I don’t think we’ve had sex more than a couple of times since this all started.” “We are very close to each other and we give each other a lot of hugs, but there is not much action.”

The pandemic has disrupted all our routines, all of us, and returning to our usual rhythm, pretending that nothing is happening and moving forward, sounds much easier than it really is, but we have to do it, if not for us, then for those who are worse off than us.

Start off calm, like you’re not serious. According to Solomon, one of the best things couples can do is say to each other, ‘What the hell? This is killing our sex life’ , because in this way the obvious dilemma is accepted and shared, the experience we are living together whether we like it or not. We must take advantage of the advantages that life offers us, even in situations like this. A positive aspect of being together 24 hours a day is that sex can also occur at non-traditional times, at times other than usual, when you feel like it as well as just time, or specific times, for sex.

The uncertainty in which we are immersed is not going to disappear overnight, and we already know, because we have talked about it before, that stress changes the perspective of things. All of our plans have changed, but at least for those of us who have a partner, sex is one of the plans that they can still keep.

Think of those of us who cannot, of those of us who think that not doing it, when you can, is an insult to all of us who do not have the option. Think of all of us who can only dream about what you already have, those of us who are here encouraging you, those of us who fantasize about the things we suppose you can do and will be doing. You are our hope, the hope that sex continues to be practiced, continues to improve, day after day, and is more and more perfect. Do it for us, man, it’s not that much of a sacrifice either.

Do you not remember your own anguish when you were a virgin? When you fantasized about sex and when the time would finally come for you, that frontier of maturity. This is similar.

If you don’t make love now that you can, with everything, putting your soul into it, for all of us, it’s as if you told your virgin self that sex is really a myth, that nobody, when they can, really does it, that everything is a lie, that people only do it when “they feel like it” and that once they reach maturity, coexistence, life as a couple… love is no longer made out of laziness, because there are new movies on Netflix, because there are better or more important things to do, because you don’t feel like it.

Don’t forget about us and your always excited inner teenager. It’s still there even if you don’t want to admit it. You’ve got nothing to lose. If you don’t want to believe us, pay attention to the writer, Kurt Vonnegut, who proposed the following as a moral of his novel, Mother Night, as advice for life: “Make love as much as you can, it will do you good.”Do it for yourself, do it for her, do it for the future, do it for all of us. From here we thank you.

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Make love as much as you can. Do it for us.

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