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Which are the myths and beliefs about sexuality More popular?

Throughout our contemporary history, sexuality has been understood as something to be kept for intimacy and privacy. This has led sexuality to remain in the dark, thus creating a taboo idea about it.

However, the forbidden is something that people are attracted to so, despite the fact that they have tried to cover it up, people tried to talk about it, but always in secret. This has created a myriad of myths and beliefs about sexuality. It is not surprising, since, if the necessary information is lacking, the conclusions that are drawn are often not the right ones.

Brief history of sexuality

But it hasn’t always been that way. In ancient Greece, sexuality was something that had a great importance in society and therefore also in the instruction of the young. The initiation of the pubescent both in love and in war was something that was worked for at this time.

Although those were other times and this education was only available to boys. The evolution of history was making this culture disappear and with it the bet that was made to understand and learn about people’s sexuality.

Once this culture is left behind, Christianity established new norms and beliefs among which it was stated that sexual relations should have a single objective, that of procreation.

This arduous task that the Christian church has kept alive throughout the centuries has no other objective than to “create” more servants who make their economic contributions to the cause of Christ.

This is where they start to appear. myths and beliefs about sexuality. This is one of the origins of the great rejection of homosexuality, the greater the number of non-heterosexual couples, the less number of members in each family nucleus. This did not interest the church at the time.

Sex as a taboo throughout the years

The simplest way that religion found to direct people’s sexuality towards the hidden and towards procreation, was to avoid talking about it and sharing knowledge. For this, the path they chose is that of lead sexuality towards fear and not towards prohibition.

As we said, we have always liked the forbidden, however, the fear of burning in eternal fire is a hard price to risk. In this sense, The road has not been equally complicated for men and women. They had the value that was instilled in them since they were children (with the idea of ​​war as the engine of value) and it was not strange to see men who challenged the Almighty and looked for something more than procreating in sexuality.

Little has changed over these centuries, it is more, possibly the biggest change is the emergence of more and more myths and beliefs about sexuality and less reliable information, which has led to the current moment of misinformation.

Fortunately, Magnus Hirschfeld, in the early 1900s, resumed the study of sexuality from the perspective of intersexuality. Little by little other people were taking over, and providing information to sexuality, the researcher Alfred Charles Kinsey or Masters and Johnson in the 70s, managed to put sexuality in the mouth of many people. However, this did not succeed in stopping all the myths and beliefs about sexuality.

Why are false beliefs about sexuality established?

Centuries of silence and shame have contributed to maintaining many myths and beliefs about sexuality. However, in these years where communication and information flow on the Internet, we are still dealing with many of these false beliefs.

A great lack of sex education and misinformation that certain spaces of the network provide, do nothing more than maintain mistaken ideas, fears and taboos.

Achieving a change in this sense takes time, a long time because we sail against the tide. Everyone the messages and beliefs that have been established for centuries, cannot be shed in a few years and more considering that the Internet sometimes does not help in this process.

8 myths and beliefs about sexuality

Next, we will analyze some of the myths and beliefs about sexuality most common to try to shed some light on some issues.

Sexuality has to do with sexual intercourse

The sexuality it is the quality of being sexual (being a man or a woman). Sexuality is to sex what personality is to the person. Sex that is, not sex that is done. This is related to sexual relations, but they are only a small part since it comprises a much larger set of things.

Sexuality includes not only the biological part related to genitality, but also the individual’s sexual identity, gender role, intimacy, sexual pleasure, reproduction and sexual orientation. It is a set of our personality, beliefs and pleasure along with our interpersonal relationships.

Anal sex is related to sexual orientation

Many heterosexual men are inhibited from having anal sex with their partners for fear that their “masculinity” will be jeopardized. However, nothing could be further from the truth, as it is there where the well-known male G-spot is located, also known as point P as it is related to the prostate.

This area could provide the man with greater pleasure during sexual intercourse, as well as much more satisfying orgasms. So enjoy the penetration anal is not something that is related to sexual orientation, but rather is part of male sexuality in general, as the prostate is related to the male orgasm.

female ejaculation does not exist

Female ejaculation does exist, and it is what we know as squirt. This is the odorless and colorless liquid that a woman expels through the urethra during sexual intercourse.

Many times it has even been related to continence problems. Later, it ended up showing that this liquid I know produced during arousal and comes out in the ejaculate, but this does not occur equally in all women.

We believe that female ejaculation does not exist because not many expel it in the same way, since on other occasions that liquid is ejected during urination.

Importance of penis length

The size of the penis does not really imply greater or lesser satisfaction during sexual intercourse. These types of beliefs they are the product of a misconception taken from porn. In reality, the length of the penis does not determine the pleasure felt during penetration, but rather the penetration and how firm the erection is.

You can’t get pregnant during your period

Yes, it is possible for you to get pregnant during your menstrual cycle, and although the chances are smaller, you should take precautions anyway. The first 10 days before your period starts, ovulation occurs, after which the endometrium thickens to prepare the uterus for possible pregnancy.

If the egg is not fertilized, it passes into the uterus and the endometrium falls off, producing what we know as menstruation. If you have sexual intercourse during this period, even though the egg is no longer fertile, sperm can stay in your uterus for up to five days, making it possible for you to get pregnant anyway.

The hymen breaks during the first time

Contrary to what we have believed for a long time, the hymen does not break on the first penetration, disproving all the myths that have attacked the “purity” or virginity of women.

The hymen is a tissue that It occurs in various forms in women., since in some it is larger than others. As there is no size standard, it is not possible to relate having a broken hymen or not with virginity.

Men have more sexual desire than women

myths and beliefs about sexualityWhether due to a social factor or the influence of porn on the perception of sexual relations, the man usually has the active and consumer role in sex. This is also related to the power that the male figure has exercised over women, seeing her as an object destined to satisfy their sexual desires.

Even though the men yes they get excited faster, we should not confuse arousal with sexual desire, since this is influenced by many more aspects such as education, personality, experience and even food.

The best solution: sexual therapies with professionals

Many of the problems we have in bed with our partner come from all those erroneous beliefs that the media and society have created, such as, for example, that if we do not reach orgasm, if there is no erection or if we do not enjoy the bed, consequently, we do not like our partner.

That is why, To solve this in the best possible way, the ideal answer is to go to a sexology professional to help us understand our body and sexual processes.

You can contact us to get more information about our sex education and the sex therapy.

Myths and beliefs about sexuality

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Main myths and beliefs about sexuality │ Xarma

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