Lubricants for sexual use: enjoy them

lubricants for sexual use They help improve sexuality and avoid some frequent discomfort during sex. They change and amplify sexual pleasure and add playful and erotic benefits to sexual intercourse. Then I explain it in detail and I hope you find it interesting.

Lubricants for sexual use: What are they?

Also called intimate lubricants for its use in both the female and male genital area (glans penis and vulva in women). They have become popular in recent years as a playful accessory that provides different sensations and prevents uncomfortable friction in these sensitive areas of the body. They are also necessary if anal intercourse is practiced because the mucosa of that area lacks natural lubrication.

Until recently they did not exist in Spain. I remember in the 90s that they could only be bought imported in sex shops. They were very expensive and they were something exotic and unknown. They were mainly used in the homosexual community and became popular as a gynecological remedy for vaginal discomfort in women after menopause.

They are also called water soluble lubricants because it is water-based. This is very important to differentiate them from oil-based lubricants such as Vaseline or body oil that should never be used with the condom as they break the latex easily. This error is very common due to ignorance and many condom breakages are due to misuse in this sense: combining a latex condom with an oil-based lubricant is to facilitate its breakage in a matter of minutes.

You may be interested in reading and listening to my podcast: “How to use condoms correctly” where I tell you in detail the correct way to use it safely and I review the most common mistakes that are made due to its misuse.

Lubricants for sexual use: therapeutic use

Lubricants for sexual use have several therapeutic uses and it is very important to know. They can help a lot to enjoy sex and I’m going to explain how:

  • Menopause: biological changes associated with menopause include vaginal dryness or decreased natural lubrication. Added to this, the vaginal walls become thinner due to the lower hormonal contribution and penetration can feel uncomfortable and annoying at times. The use of vaginal lubricants helps to enjoy the sensation and avoids these discomforts.
  • Premature ejaculation: lubricants are used in various exercises aimed at better control of male ejaculation. They simulate the sensation of intercourse and help the man to feel more intensely and familiarize his body for better orgasm control.
  • Vaginismus: many women may feel pain when having intercourse or even the impossibility of it. This is very frustrating and can lead to a blockage of your sexual response. Using lubricants for women alone and with a partner is indicated in sexual therapy for vaginismus and dyspareunia and helps to soften sensations, reduce discomfort and be able to enjoy sex without these inconveniences.
  • Low libido and sexual desire: the use of lubricants allows you to play with greater freedom by providing a resource that provokes different sensations and stimulates libido. It includes a novelty and activates curiosity helping eroticism as a couple.
  • Anorgasmia: Difficulty achieving orgasm can have various causes. The use of water-soluble lubricants is normally used in sexual therapy in an advanced phase where they help to explore sensations that facilitate that desired orgasm.

In general, the use of lubricants for sexual use is indicated at certain times of sex therapy. By themselves they do not solve the problems but they have become an important resource to help solve different sexual problems in both women and men.

Lubricants for sexual use: recreational use

In general, lubricants are used for sexual use in a playful way. Its characteristics encourage it and there is an assortment of products of this type suitable for playing and include them in sexual relations in different ways.

There are people who reject the smell of the genitals for some reason. In this case flavored lubricants they incorporate different aromas that help avoid this problem: vanilla, strawberry, cherries and berries, banana and champagne. Everything that helps naturalness in sex is welcome and using them encourages you to try oral sex.

They avoid friction and discomfort in the genital area when penetration is lengthened and soften the sensations to enjoy in other ways. They are not essential but every couple who wants to browse and improve the quality of their sexuality you can include them and explore.

Lubricants for sexual use: a common query.

Hello! Good afternoon. I want to consult you about something that has me very worried: I am a woman, I am 25 years old, I have tried to lose my virginity with my partner and I have not been able to. We practice oral sex and enjoy it but at the moment of penetration I feel tension, nerves, fear of pain, when my boyfriend tries to penetrate me it hurts and I don’t want to go on anymore… it’s frustrating because I want to achieve it and I can’t.

MY ANSWER: Hi A., what happens to you is something common when you start having sex and it is due in part to your own inexperience and also to the tension of doing something new and for the first time. As you say, it is very good that you enjoy sex despite this inconvenience. It is very important that you are excited because the vagina expands internally and genital lubrication occurs.

You can explore yourself and try to feel your vaginal entrance and try inserting a finger. This will make you feel more secure and will make it easier for you to include penetration soon. Taking it with a little patience and sensitivity helps a lot, explain to your partner the information that I am giving you and little by little I am sure that you will achieve it.

Also exist lubricants for sexual use that facilitate penetration by softening and moistening the genital area more intensely. I hope I have helped you with my answer and thanks for the confidence in consulting me on my blog.



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Lubricants for sexual use: enjoy them

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