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After several days at home we have already met (more), we have already met who accompanies us in our day to day and we already know if we fall or we do not like each other.

We have gotten into the new routine, but no matter how much we want to, it is totally legal and normal to feel overwhelmed at times. We have gone from hardly enjoying each other, to being together all day, skin to skin. In this situation and with triggered emotions ,. We also need to escape, to have our moment and our space.

We encourage you to follow us, to see how to reconcile our times and spaces with this routine.

Maybe we should feel lucky; we have time for the couple, for our children. But there are many moments in which we would like to fly, vanish. Although having to be at home 24 hours a day, it is not easy, and even more so if our little ones also accompany us, who need to draw all their energy and demand more attention from us.

To see this more clearly, I am going from case of a couple, with 2 kids at home (who must be accompanied with homework) and one of the two members of the couple is teleworking.

If we want to get our own time, let’s start by being realistic and honest with ourselves. There are many and diverse circumstances that we can have and however difficult it may seem, if we organize we can create our escape space, even if only for a few minutes. We are going to stop and analyze all the activities that fill our day to day. The rush and the absence of a plan make us make bad decisions. When we act in the survival mode, on the fly and without established objectives, we tend to focus too much on the now, not think in the medium-long term which is where the benefits are going to be clearer.

In the example we are proposing, there is not much time and space of your own. The time is distributed between the usual household chores, taking care of the little ones and entertaining them … and little else. We can start from that our daughters and sons is the most important, without realizing that, If we are not well, they cannot be well either.

The second thing we have to do is eliminate excuses to face the situation and thus be able identify opportunities to achieve our goals. A trick that can help us is to think about our future selves, our best version, rethinking things before making a quick decision.

Continuing with our family, the excuses can be a thousand, from “I am tired, I cannot leave my children alone who have enough or not allow myself to feel guilty with the one who is falling and think about me and my needs “. Thinking about the next few days and not only today, we can imagine ourselves in Our space. We have been able to adapt a small corner of the house in which we feel free, calm and that is our place of escape. The third step and once we are clear about how we distribute our day to day and what we would like to achieve in our new routines, we have to mark our times, both our own and with our partner: set our recess times. Establish short duty cycles or duties and mixes with short downtime, make us more effective and efficient.

It is important focus on our needs and put aside for a time those of the rest of the family members. If we are in “multitasking” mode thinking about what others need and what I need, we cannot focus on a single objective and the desired results may not be achieved.

And finally, we must act. It is useless to generate our space, imagine our times and then cling to excuses and not act. Therefore, here the motivation is basic, what do we want to achieve? And above all, Why do we want to achieve it?

If we return to the proposed case:

  • The new routines, homework and telework throughout the morning with small goals that we can achieve around half an hour or hour of work.
  • After each objective or block of time, dedicate ourselves to “playtime”. It can be a break for lunch, playing, jumping or dancing … and while we can take the opportunity to go to that corner in which we can disconnect a small space of time.

Then comes the food, perhaps the siesta and the afternoon for leisure, but … whose leisure, the family, the children, ours?

  • If we want an afternoon for ourselves we can negotiate evenings with your partner and thus allow each other. Empathy is very important and being aware that the situation is not the best in the world for anyone, perhaps if I am teleworking, I do not understand my partner when he is exhausted with the little ones or vice versa.
  • And if what we want is couple time, we can look for the moments in which the little ones are sleeping, put them to bed before or simply explain to them that like them we also need our spaces.

Along these lines and without forgetting the intimacy of the couple, we can continue to spice up the relationship with small gestures throughout the day. That we do not have many moments does not mean that we cannot be naughty and attentive with the other party: gestures as light as putting the towel on the partner when they get out of the shower, a light touch when passing, a message written and left spontaneously by the house, or 5 minutes of positive conversation can help us make our day to day better.

The objective is facilitate and facilitate coexistence, each one as they can, want or want. And… Courage, there is less left and surely we will come out stronger!

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LIVING IN CONFINEMENT. Keys to live and survive. | Amalthea Blog

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