Libido & Periods ᐅ Influence or not?

If it is still difficult to understand the link between menstruation and libido, sex during menstruation is still possible… You still have to want to!

rules and libido: endless debates

When a discussion about sex during menstruation arises, opinions are often decided. Laurie, 31, says, for example, that she doesn’t feel any desire:

“I have very painful periods, I don’t see how I could have the head to have sex at this time. “

As for Lise, 22, it’s the opposite: she has a tenfold libido… But her ex was uncomfortable at the idea of ​​having sex with her during this period.

Complicated in the midst of these testimonials to find a trend …

period really influence libido?

Asked about the question, the gynecologist Danielle Hassoun is rather mixed:

“Everything has been said on the question without really being able to find an answer on this subject. “

She then cites research that only proves that libido is higher in the middle of the cycle, that is, during ovulation. Impossible for her to think further.

By looking a little, we actually come across theories which have not yet been proven.

For example, that hormonal variations boost libido, that the lubrication caused by the blood would motivate the desire for penetration or even that minimizing the risk of becoming pregnant would encourage people to let go …

In any case, if there is sexual intercourse, it remains important to protect yourself: the risks of STDs and STIs are increased, and it is still possible, even if unlikely, to get pregnant.

live your period with a strong libido

Lise, cited above, explains that she does not want to deprive yourself of sex one week per month:

“And then, I see only advantages: the blood helps lubrication and I have the impression that my orgasms calm the stomach aches!” “

Asked about the question, her boyfriend is more reserved:

“It doesn’t particularly bother me, but I admit I don’t find the scene very glamorous when the towel-covered bed ends up looking like a crime scene. ”

rules and libido: no standard, but a taboo to avoid?

In effect, there is simply no standard. Some people have a higher libido at this time, others don’t. Some people are comfortable with sex during menstruation, others shy away from it.

However, the question takes on its importance in the case of lesbian couples: if the rules arrive in staggered, two weeks per month can be marked out. This then remains once again on a case-by-case basis, depending on the wishes of the two individuals of the couple.

There remains the question of the taboo of rules, which can make the idea of ​​having sex at this point in the cycle uncomfortable. Once the partners discuss it, if nothing changes, that’s okay – not wanting sex is never to blame.

masturbation, an alternative to sex during menstruation

Finally, if your libido is on the rise during your period, you don’t need to be accompanied to enjoy it. Masturbation allows you to do good in complete autonomy.

A different way of taking care of yourself, as an anonymous young woman tells us:

“I discovered a few years ago that touching myself during this period is doing me a lot of good. I use a vibrator, externally, and the vibrations allow me to overcome my pain. It’s almost therapeutic! “

If unfortunately it remains impossible to prove that those who debate a possible change in libido during menstruation are right (or wrong!), The conclusion remains clear: the important thing is to do yourself good, if you want to and without ever forgetting your consent!

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Libido & Periods ᐅ Influence or not?

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