Learn about the candidates’ education proposals: the ones most requested by young people

There is less than a month to go before the country experiences the first presidential round, which will elect the country’s next president for the next four years. Many already have their vote defined. However, there is a portion that still does not define your candidate.

Therefore, here we present some of the educational proposals of the different presidential candidates, some of the most requested by the young population which has historically denounced almost zero access to good quality training.

Educational proposals of the candidates for the presidency in 2022

The Exe entity presented a compilation of several pillars of the education proposals of 6 candidates to the first magistracy of the country.

According to the report, Enrique Gómez is the applicant with the highest number of proposals on educational issues, they encompass 17% of his ideas for the presidency.

The one who follows him is Federico Gutiérrez. His proposals cover 14% of his government plan. In the third position is Rodolfo Hernández, whoue has 10% of educational proposals in its program.

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See here the table of the number and percentage of educational proposals per candidate.

Candidate Percentage of educational proposals in your plan Number of education proposals, with respect to the total in your plan
Enrique Gomez 17% 10 of 60 total
Federico Gutierrez 14% 61 of 420 total
Rodolfo Hernandez 10% 30 of 300 total
Gustavo Petro 7% 30 of 420 total
Sergio Fajardo 7% 51 of 700 total

Candidate proposals, regarding education gaps

Gustavo Petro ensures that within its proposals to reduce the gaps is the prevention of desertion and targeting. However, it does not specify how it will do so. It complements its approaches including the population victim of the conflict and in street situation.

‘Fico’ Gutierrez He says that he will also design strategies to prevent desertion. However, it does not detail what the learning loss figures are for this situation. He mentions alliances between private, public and schools, Stem+ training, bilingualism, homeless people, sex education, among other topics.

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Sergio Fajardo It also talks about the remediation of learning, closing gaps, but it emphasizes mental health. Nor does it specify how it will do so. It proposes paying special attention to the health problems of teachers.

Rodolfo Hernandez he is the only one of the applicants who mentions a single school day. He also proposes to improve bilingualism, the infrastructure of schools. He doesn’t mention how he will do it.

Ingrid Betancourt ensures that it will support the mental health of students. It will be complemented by public-private sector partnerships. It will design sports, art, culture and technology programs and will also pay special attention to the population that is the victim of the conflict.

Enrique Gomez it only offers targeting to vulnerable students, but does not mention remedial actions or measurement of losses. What he proposes are school bonds for parents.

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Candidate proposals, regarding innovation in education

Enrique Gomez, Gustavo Petro and Sergio Fajardo propose a very similar approach to improve this factor. All 3 have an emphasis on ensuring connectivity. However, they do not mention energization or access to technological devices. Nor do they say from what infrastructure they will make it a reality.

Federico Gutierrez proposes the infrastructure and digital ecosystem design that is necessary for the implementation of its proposal. However, he does not mention many details.

Ingrid Betancourt he says he will create technology and science courses, but he doesn’t talk about the infrastructure either. It ensures that it will complement educational services with extracurricular training in technology.

Rodolfo Hernandez it proposes an investment in scientific research, but does not mention how it would guarantee the necessary infrastructure.

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Learn about the candidates’ education proposals: the ones most requested by young people