Le Bateau, a sexy and sassy magazine, sets sail

Fancy an “erotic, free, sexy, curious, sassy, ​​mutinous” reading moment? Jessica Rispal did set sail the boat, a photographic and textual bimonthly, which promises to take pride of place very quickly on the best coffee tables.

What will we find on the Boat every two months?

Every two months we find the same authors. Some have started chronicles that they will continue in each issue as episodes: Romain Tord, for example, revisits the story of Adam and Eve by respecting the theme, Ju ‘left for a year in Japan in January and tells us about his discoveries in the libertine, fetish and bondage evenings but also on the life of all days, De la Motte is an expert in art and writes a column on the theme replaced in the history of art. Sistine, on the other hand, writes a different erotic novel each time. Illustrators and photographers also come up with different images each time. Sometimes stories, sometimes mini reports: Alain STHR gave us in N # 1 an interview about the sale of panties online, I offer in N # 2 two stories of shemales accompanied by photographs.

Reading your presentation, I feel like a connection with the late Imperfect, whose last issue dates back to May 2013, which also mixed texts and photos.

I understand the filiation with the imperfect, which I did not know. However, I believe that we do not have the same desires when it comes to aesthetics. Imperfect seems a bit more arty to me, a bit like art galleries right now, a bit cold and trendy. It seems to me that Le Bateau has more underground roots through my own culture. I’m not looking to show fetish, porn, sex, or bondage in a fashionable way like every magazine has been doing for some time. The very cold fashion images tire me, I need life. I like the grain, the material, the skin, I want us to feel the bodies, for them to move, through texts and images.

At first it seemed like a personal project, calling it the Boat was to gather your crew there?

The Boat is indeed to bring together my crew, my friends, the people I see around me doing great things. I am a very lonely person but paradoxically unifying. I know how to bring people together, motivate them and carry out projects. The circle will certainly grow, with the “stopovers” pages which will welcome new artists in the digital version scheduled for April.

It is above all an artistic project, but is it also militant?

It’s an artistic project, yes, maybe a bit militant too. In the sense of freedom of expression. Each contributor is completely free to treat the subject in their own way. He can explore techniques, styles, desires not always achievable in a professional order. Also campaigning to explore sexualities without taboos, to expose both male and female bodies.

The theme is a pretext to be abused, triturated and exploited in order to talk about subjects of society, sexualities, taboos, clichés. I don’t want to turn it into a magazine that shows a “fashion” image of underground subjects. If we talk about bondage and SM we won’t do 50 shades. When I talk about transsexuality like in # 2, I don’t lock a whole bunch of people under a label full of prejudices, I try to convey visions that are not identical.

How is your broadcast taking off?

The first issue sells out every day, little by little, and I’m happy because people are enthusiastic. We got some help from someone who made the website for us, it’s a real boost! It’s not easy to do everything all at once because I put everything together on my own, I’m pregnant, mother of a 3-year-old girl, I moved and I just landed a great and exhausting job… But I love ! We only have one life and the experience is very stimulating!

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Le Bateau, a sexy and sassy magazine, sets sail

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