Laughing in bed: advantages, disadvantages

“Laughing woman, half in your bed”, they say, but once under the duvet, do you still have to make her laugh? Can laughter and sexual tension go together? What positive and negative consequences for sex and the couple?

Why do we laugh in bed?

In bed as elsewhere, real laughter is not so much the result of a reaction to humor, but rather an instinctive reaction, survival (source 1). “Laughter would be the bursting of a strong nervous tension, often unconscious, that the organism” discharges “by this means. Laughter has a very powerful soothing and relaxing impact on the body, thanks to the secretion of a hormone, endorphin, whose effects are comparable to those of morphine, ”explains the Fil Santé Jeunes website. So we laugh to release tension, to calm down. This explains in particular that some people laugh at the time of orgasm.

There are many laughter triggers. It can be something that is related to the situation, such as a annoying little noise, or not at all related to it, like a funny reflection that we make to ourselves and which, very quickly, by association of ideas, makes us think of something funny. And very often, it is precisely because one should not laugh at this moment that the crisis is triggered. You shouldn’t see it as a mockery, but as a need (sometimes uncontrollable / uncontrollable) to decompress.

The benefits of laughing in bed

  • It uninhibits : Laughter is a social lubricant, it allows to release physical tensions, but also mental. It helps to desecrate sex.
  • It relaxes and brings joy : sincere laughter triggers the secretion of hormones such as serotonin and endorphins and provides a feeling of well-being.
  • It can create a bond : nothing is more unifying than a good fit of giggles for two. It is an authentic mark of connivance and of very good understanding.
  • It can help to achieve orgasm : because it generates letting go, laughter can lead to orgasm. Sometimes it is even the result, like those people who enjoy laughing:

“After a period of changes and reconquest of my body, I began to have fits of giggles at the time of orgasm, testifies Agnès. Probably because I felt better about myself. In any case, it goes hand in hand with a feeling of happiness, of joy. Now, my sexual enjoyment systematically bursts through bursts of laughter. “

The cons of laughing in bed

  • It can be upsetting : having someone laughing while you are naked in front of them, that can be unsettling or even downright embarrassing. Especially if we cannot explain to ourselves why we are laughing and these moments of discomfort then drag on endlessly.
  • It doesn’t have to be sexy : if we are to believe the expressions that qualify the laughter: “laugh like a whale, to tears, to let go of the jaw, to be collapsed, farted or laughing to death”, it is hard to believe that it can be sexy and erotic .
  • It can relieve sexual tension : since it helps relieve tension, laughter also drives away sexual tension. Undeniably, we will inevitably be less in the game of seduction … But undoubtedly we will also be more true ?!

“Laughter and sex: it works or it breaks, Maxime slices. Laughter to seduce: perfect. Laughter before or during sex: a bit anti-orgasmic on the female side. I noticed several times that making people laugh during sex cut off the momentum of my partners. Suddenly, we had to start from zero. And my partner could miss her orgasm … But me personally, it does not necessarily cut me and I find it rather nice! “

We can laugh during love, but not with everyone

So we come back to the famous maxim, “we can laugh at everything (and even in full frolic), but not with everyone”. What makes the difference is the confidence we have in each other and in ourselves, because as Beverly notes, an unexpected laugh can be badly taken if one is not secure:

“It all depends on self-confidence … It can be fun as a blocker, if one of the partners has a complex for example. “

In addition, it should not be systematic :

“I find that it relaxes the atmosphere of laughing in the privacy, and if it can cut the sexual tension, it sometimes feels good. It allows us not to be in the representations we have of desire or sexuality, explains Emilie. You can make love while having fun, I’m sure I did it and nothing has been so positive on my sexual development. The main thing is that it is not every time, in order to vary the pleasures. “

Tips for avoiding yellow laughter

Reassure the other as soon as possible if it was you who laughed: take advantage of having had this reaction to talk or to share something about you. It doesn’t matter if the other doesn’t understand what made you laugh, what matters is that it doesn’t divide you, that your partner doesn’t feel unsafe.

Don’t take it for yourself if it’s the other one who laughed : there are a thousand and one reasons for a laugh, the other can laugh for a reason that he does not know himself or be mistaken about the reason for his laughter, etc. Don’t overinterpret.

In any case, bounce back: the sexual tension has subsided a little? Never mind ! Take advantage of this moment without pressure and bring it back up if you wish.

In short : laughter is alive, exhilarating and good for your health! It is also the mark of an open and playful spirit. In bed as elsewhere, laughter is generally beneficial and, while it can lower sexual tension, it can also increase the complicity and depth of feelings between lovers.

Sincerely yours and your emancipatory laughter!

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Laughing in bed: advantages, disadvantages

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