Lasso tournaments, an activity that profits from animal pain

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- Despite having the Law for the Protection of Fauna of the State of Yucatancontinue to develop tie tournaments, which are clearly cruel acts, for the doctor in Social Sciences and researcher of the Social Sciences Unit of the Regional Research Center “Dr. Hideyo Noguchi” of the Uady, Rocio Quintal López, must be eradicated immediately and established in law.

“These events are extremely cruel, they butcher horses in a violent manner, it is a show of violence, the only benefit it has is economic for those who carry it out, where the municipal authority is also involved,” he said.

There intervene, according to the also animal advocate, insensitive authorities based on corruption to be able to continue holding this type of event because they see it as a business model, they privilege economic value.

In short, he assured that they violate the law because if what is established by law is respected, these shows would have to be prohibited because animal cruelty is allowed, in many cases also affecting the people who ride the horses.

“As a specialist in the issue of violence, it is known that this is an act that generates more violence, and thus how it is intended to eradicate it in our state if entire families accompanied by children go to see it as one more event, in this way it is normalized; there is a clear culture of violence, ”she specified.

For the professional, although she hides behind being a matter of traditions, these cannot be above the framework of rights, be they animals or people, giving as examples the issue of sexual abuse in the municipalities, where parents have to be with their daughters or their relatives to “release” them, violating their human rights.

“When a tradition is violating or generating an adverse climate for a culture of peace for the greater benefit of the community, these traditions have to be questioned or modified,” he said.

He said that just as it happened in the community of Citilcum, in Izamal, where the traditional festivity of “kots kaal pato” was modified, where the people of the place accepted due to the explanation given to them as to why this practice no longer was the correct one.

“We cannot continue to support traditions that generate violence and that are based on violating other living beings, whether they are animals, children or women. No tradition that violates should be upheld,” he added.


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Lasso tournaments, an activity that profits from animal pain