Language of flowers in love: which plant for which feeling?

Essences of perfumes, subjects of poetry … From the isolated rose of Little Prince to the many Flowers of Evil de Baudelaire, passing by the camellias of the Lady of Dumas, flowers are magnificent muses. They are also silent messengers. But then, which flower for which message? Here is everything you need to know to count flowers for your loved one.

Why do flowers express romantic feelings so well?

As we now know, plants have relatively unbridled sex lives. And, whether by their shapes, their colors, or their smells, flowers are also very sexy. Not to mention that they offer the means to convey an abstract and poetic message to express the romantic interest.

  • Forms: some of them seem to really embody the bodies and the sexes like the bud of coquelicot.
  • Colors : What should be remembered is that the choice of colors is very important. Because the same flower can send several messages depending on its color. When you want to show passion, cold colors should be avoided.
  • Odors : the “chemical” factor comes into play here, because, in addition to giving off a pleasant scent in the air, certain flowers or plants have relaxing or stimulating properties.

The main messages of flowers in love

« I love you… Yes, but still? »When Christian, deprived of his text blower (Cyrano de Bergerac), offers Roxane a simple: “I love you” as a declaration of love, the latter, disappointed, replies: “Yes, but more? It’s the same with flowers. They offer a bouquet of messages much more subtle than a simple I love you… What to make pass the red rose for a big old-fashioned one.

  • A little… To say a budding love or a shy love, the delicate eglantine, with its soft pink petals and golden heart, is a pretty symbol of the dawn of a relationship. Just like the rose blanche, which stands for charm, innocence and shyness, is welcome.
  • Many : the pink symbolizes tenderness and attests to a gentle love.
  • Madly, passionately : this is where the traditional Red rose which can be offered alone to testify to an overwhelming love at first sight or in a bouquet to signify mad love, great love. But for more originality, the rose can be replaced by a tulipe the same color.
  • Not at all : to repel any advances, during the Victorian period (golden age of the language of flowers) a hortensia as a clothing accessory. The snowball rather means a love on the wane while themarigold announces separation.
  • Again… The peony and its jagged petals will be welcome to remind you of love and the regeneration of feelings, as in the song of the old lovers of Brel, the message is as follows: I still love you, you know …
  • For evers: obviously the superb camélias, but also the charming Amarants.

What flowers to encourage carnal pleasure?

“I want you”: to say the carnal desire, the Orange color is often the order of the day and the beautiful and phallic arum is welcome. But’bright red anthurium, which is also called the tongue of fire, and the fuschias, magnificent dancers in the shape of bells, are as warm as their colors and testify longing and fervor.

the jasmin is obviously super sensual, if only for its scent. Just like the lavender which reduces stress, relaxes and therefore invites pleasure.

Note that according to Mr. Marguerite, the nasturtium, often called “Flower of love” turns into a flower of sex if it is consumed as an infusion, because it is rich in vitamins and promotes blood flow …

Flowers that say jealousy or ask forgiveness

Flowers don’t just send positive messages!

  • The water lilies say coldness and narcisses egocentricity.
  • To express theavarice, we can offer verges d’or (history of filling it up sentimentally).
  • The dandelions (and, more generally, yellow) testify to the jealousy, while a bit of muguet will be perfect for asking for forgiveness after an argument.
  • If we doubt or fear, the mimosa is required.

Finally, if we want to question his beloved, the daisy, is a “do you love me?” In petals.

The positions of the flower-shaped Kamasutra

Certain positions put flowers in the spotlight, I had already told you about the Rosebud (man lying on his back with legs bent and raised, and woman sitting with his back to his partner), but the lotus (partners sitting face to face and entwined cross-legged), or the burst flower (woman on her back, legs bent and raised, and man, kneeling above her), are also to be tested.

Of course, as you will be charming until the end, you will offer ethical flowers. So find on the Collective of the French flower, the list of flowers by season and by region, as well as a directory of traders who work with local flowers.

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Language of flowers in love: which plant for which feeling?

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