La Plata: they denounce the director of a school for sexist violence

The teachers and assistants of the institutions continue to demand that the director not continue in his position due to the multiple complaints made in recent years. They accuse him of mistreatment, of having hit a table with a chain in the middle of an argument with a worker, of harassment and labor persecution.

During the morning of this Thursday the walls of the School Council, Secretary of Teaching Affairs and District Headquarters were intervened with denunciation posters.

In addition, a statement has circulated with adhesions of more than 160 signatures of school teachers, the UNLP, auxiliaries, public figures, feminist organizations, first responders, alternative art spaces, members of the Commission for Memory, Conicet, the Ministry of Women and Dissidence, journalists, members of the Association for the Rights of Children, etc.

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The complainants explain in the statement that the director “has not limited himself to violating working women teachers and secondary school assistants, but has also violated primary school assistants 27 that works in the same building. At the same time, he has been in charge of hindering the implementation of Law 26,150 on Comprehensive Sexual Education (ESI) persecuting and harassing teachers committed to guaranteeing the sexual and reproductive rights of students.”

“We want the desire for a life free of violence to be a daily reality. There were many complaints raised but we have had no other response other than complicity and impunity. So much so that most of the compañeras who had denounced him had to resign, losing their source of employment to recover their emotional health.”

Currently they are still waiting for a resolution through the authorities and if necessary they plan to organize more measures to be heard and that the educational system does not continue to protect these facts.

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La Plata: they denounce the director of a school for sexist violence