La Nación / They investigate alleged sexual abuse of a six-year-old boy in a school

The Public Ministry investigates a complaint about an alleged sexual abuse of a child in a school in the city of Lambaré. The alleged perpetrator would be a 15-year-old teenager and the victim a 6-year-old minor and it would have happened at the end of last April.

According to the complaint, the alleged case of abuse occurred on April 26 and the perpetrator would have acted with the complicity of other minors under 15 years of age. The prosecutor in the case is Myriam Rodríguez, who is already investigating the incident.

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The Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC) was already notified about what happened at the school after the complaint filed with the Public Ministry on April 29. The case has also been reported to Codeni and the investigation is already underway.

The prosecutor indicated that the event would have occurred in the bathroom of the educational institution and the Public Ministry activated the protocol established for these cases immediately after receiving the complaint about the alleged abuse of a child under six years of age.

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So far, the Prosecutor’s Office has not identified the alleged perpetrator of the act and the alleged accomplices, who would be two. The victim has already received assistance from the Public Ministry to cope with the difficult time she has gone through. Closed-circuit images of the school have also been requested to advance the investigation.

The Ministry of Children and Adolescents presented last Tuesday the campaign “We are all responsible”, with the slogan “The abuser destroys lives”, consisting of the dissemination of awareness messages through social networks and the mass media. . The initiative is renewed every May, anticipating the commemoration of the “National Day to Fight Mistreatment, Sexual and Labor Abuse of Children and Adolescents in Paraguay,” on May 31.

For this morning a demonstration of parents is announced in front of the educational institution to claim the investigation of the case and give their solidarity to the affected family.

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La Nación / They investigate alleged sexual abuse of a six-year-old boy in a school