La Nación / They arrest a man for sexual abuse of a girl who was under his custody

East City. regional agency.

Prosecutor Vivian Coronel, from the Unit Specialized in Punishable Acts against Children and Adolescents of Ciudad del Este, proceeded to arrest a 45-year-old man, reported for sexual abuse of a 12-year-old girl. The victim was under the custody of him and his wife since 2019. It happened in Ciudad del Este.

The case reached the Public Ministry when a teacher noticed some warning signs in the girl, approached her, managed to get them to talk and finally the schoolgirl ended up giving her testimony about the sexual violence she was experiencing.

The teacher informed the director of the institution that the complaint was filed with the Public Ministry. This is what the prosecutor reported, who valued the fact that the protocol has been applied immediately to be able to intervene. The victim no longer returned to the house where she was as a guard in charge of the couple, according to Coronel.

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The agent of the Public Ministry gave intervention to the Ombudsman for Children and the victim’s testimony was before the psychologist of the Prosecutor’s Office, according to the rigorous procedure. According to preliminary data, the abuse would have been carried out systematically.

Given sufficient elements of suspicion about the man, the prosecutor ordered his arrest that occurred this morning on public roads and was charged with sexual abuse of children. Coronel said that, for now, he has no elements against the accused’s wife, since he apparently did not know what was happening with the schoolgirl in his charge.

Two other arrests also for alleged sexual abuse of girls were made this afternoon by the aforementioned prosecutor. Both cases are from the district of Minga Guazú. One of those arrested is a 65-year-old man, who was reported a few days ago for sexual abuse of two granddaughters aged 6 and 7. A third case is a 19-year-old boy, who would have abused his 13-year-old cousin. Both are charged with sexual abuse of children, according to the prosecutor.

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La Nación / They arrest a man for sexual abuse of a girl who was under his custody