La Nación / The number of child sexual abuse is alarming

Prosecutor Carina Sánchez lamented the alarming number of child sexual abuse in our country. She said that 16,000 cases are treated in 5 years. “We have constant complaints, sometimes up to 10 complaints per day. They are objective numbers”, she expressed this Friday in contact with 650 AM.

He said that in Alto Paraná there are more complaints. “We have follow-ups, we have been working in the last 3 years, apart from having the profile of the victim and perpetrator, having the information in real time, but we did not have the computer tools, we hope to have them now. We have the data, but we want to have it complete and these tools will help us”, he stated.

The prosecutor indicated that they have a stripe and that most of the victims are between 10 and 13 years old, but that they also have babies. “Unfortunately even babies are victims of abuse, those responsible are from the family environment and are men, there are also women,” she added.

Likewise, Sánchez commented that there is a very high percentage of arrests of perpetrators and that as a result of the impact generated by what happened at the school, the victims were encouraged to file a complaint. “There were some cases (complaints) that occurred in educational institutions, including sexual harassment and others in the family environment,” he stressed.

Regarding the lack of human resources, the representative of the Public Ministry pointed out that in these investigations professionals are needed to help address the issue. “We have been asking for a contract for a long time, that prevents the cause from advancing. If we add everything up, we have more than 6,000 causes that only affect children and adolescents,” she said.

He mentioned that they do not even reach 100 with these professionals and that it is humanly impossible for them to respond in the required time, but that they still do their best.

The State Attorney General’s Office released alarming statistics on sexual abuse in the last five years and reports that there were more than 16,000 victims. From 2016 to 2021, the Prosecutor’s Office made a count of all the cases that were received in the Public Ministry and in this sense it is highlighted that the year 2019 was the period in which there was the greatest number of abuses, with 3,284 complaints, followed by the 2021 with 2,957 complaints and in last place, 2020 with 2,672 reported cases.

“It is important to mention that in 2020, during the pandemic, although the complaints decreased, it was not because the cases had been reduced, this was due, rather, to the lack of support networks (teachers, relatives, social circles). of friends etc.), since the children were at home during the quarantine ”, points out a part of the report. Asunción and the Central and Alto Paraná departments are the points where most cases of child sexual abuse were reported.

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La Nación / The number of child sexual abuse is alarming