La Nación / Sexual abuse in a private school: “The MEC still has a lot to build,” says former judge of Children

The former judge for Children and Adolescents and current chamberlain of Encarnación Camilo Cantero, stated that the State and the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC) play a very important role in the complaints of sexual abuse in children, referring to the case of the little 6 years who was a victim of abuse in a private school. Likewise, the professional maintained that if the protocol was strictly complied with, there could have been another scenario than what is currently the case.

“It is an aberrant situation where errors without purpose occurred that are now being investigated by the pertinent bodies. However, the perspective is the protection of the victim of the act. Also, on the other hand, several adolescents who are subjects of protection within the normative system are accused of being responsible, ”explained the magistrate.

He added that the Ministry of Education must be devoted to a thorough task of controlling the implementation of the relevant protocols in the different educational institutions of our country, on the different events that are recorded daily in educational entities.

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“The guarantor of Education is the State and the genuine representative of the State is the Ministry of Education, and that is why it is incredible that the protocol has not been strictly applied when a situation as sensitive as a case of abuse occurs. and, in turn, this situation should raise the alarm of a teacher and the educational authorities and that is why the MEC still has a lot to build on this type of event”, concluded the specialist.

In the same way, the magistrate referred to the reaction of the parents of the students, pointing out that “obviously the reaction of the parents is perfectly understandable and natural due to the high sensitivity that occurs after the serious event and mainly we must continue fighting so that this type of cases will not happen again.”

Regarding the role of the media, he maintained that when he was a judge for Children “we had been carrying out observatories and working with the media on compliance with article 29 of the Code for Children and Adolescents, which clearly states the mechanism for the protection of children and what types of situations can violate the rights of the child or adolescent. Cantero was also clear in pointing out that “compliance with the protocol is fundamental and the task of the Ministry of Education is very great so that this can be respected.”

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La Nación / Sexual abuse in a private school: “The MEC still has a lot to build,” says former judge of Children