La Nación / Sexual abuse: “Education must be reinforced and truly transformed,” says priest

The priest Jesús Montero Tirado, a collaborator in the Cristo Rey parish, gave his opinion on the case of sexual abuse of a 6-year-old boy in a private educational institution in the city of Lambaré. The religious spoke from the moral point of view and from the faith.

“Abusing a child will always be criminal because children must be respected, because they are people; because of their sensitivity, because of the impact that any abuse has on them, be it sexual or otherwise, from a spiritual point of view this does not make any sense, it is arrogance and abuse, using a person by the that they abuse to have their pleasure, a terrible selfishness,” Montero told La Nación.

He also argued that it is an attack on the dignity of the child. From the point of view of faith, he distances himself from what Christ said, since for him children are the first in the kingdom of God, they deserve not only all the respect, but also all the love that can be given to them so that they grow up healthy and well-formed, whether by natural law, positive law or religious morality, this type of act has no viability, it is reprehensible from every point of view.

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For Montero, the educational community does not exist, but the members of the educational community do exist, and it is defined in article 11, section I. “It is an institution, not a group of people who meet from time to time or who coincide in the same mission, but rather it must be an institution that has specific, extraordinarily important functions and powers, which are given by the law and the constitution,” he assured.

He also argued that the use of technologies in the upbringing of infants and adolescents interferes in the training and affective education of parents regarding their children. “Currently, with the cell phone and its constant use, they are receiving messages of all kinds, from many cultures and, logically, children are not prepared to be able to digest that cultural and criterial pluralism with respect to ethics, morality; then, it is necessary to reinforce the education of affectivity, giving it a much deeper dimension, more intense, more frequent than what is being done”, he explained.

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“The family and the educational institution have to review themselves to improve quantitatively and qualitatively. Assertiveness education is not taking place, it is not being done to the extent that it is needed in a context like the one we are living in, which is alluded to by networks, with many contacts. It must be taken into account that children before did not receive more messages, nor more stimuli than those given by the family and those given by the school or college, ”she argued.

The father indicated that the child who suffered abuse requires special accompaniment, guiding and strengthening him, encouraging him, etc. While those who abused apparently are young people who used power, they do not respect. “These boys mean that they are unbalanced, that they have no idea what a child is, for me it is terrible to abuse. Being adolescents, if at that age they are already with that vice and with that outrage, to a weak person, abusing the power they have over children, the act of seeking pleasure using a child, ”he said.

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Our interviewee stated that power was abused and that the child’s weakness was used. For him, if these types of episodes are carried out by the alleged perpetrators in their adolescence, he wonders what they will do when they reach adulthood? Given this, he advised that education must be strengthened and truly transformed. He inquired that education must be solid, so that there is no one, neither adolescents nor adults, who can abuse the little ones.

“From the moral point of view, from the ministry, not only the current one, since the law was enacted in 1998, now the transformation team is also running over a lot of articles of the General Education Law and the Constitution, I am talking about the legal chaos and impunity, 34 articles of the General Law of Education that are not fulfilled”.

For Montero, none of this has been sanctioned since 1998, current education does not correspond to what is dictated by the Constitution and the law. The General Law of Education responds to what the advisory council of the reform of that time elaborated, the draft of said educational laws was written by the priest Jesús Montero together with Dr. Sapena Brugada and Dr. José Altamirano.

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La Nación / Sexual abuse: “Education must be reinforced and truly transformed,” says priest