La Nación / New case of sexual abuse: eleven-year-old boy would have been abused at Zeballos Cue school

After coming to light a case of sexual abuse in a school in Lambaré and the victim is a six-year-old boy and the alleged aggressors would be students of higher classes, new cases of sexual abuse in school environments emerged. A mother reported that her eleven-year-old son was also her victim at her school in the Zeballos Cue neighborhood of Asunción.

The unfortunate event would have occurred on April 8, when a fellow student of his son approached him and took him to a not so crowded area and sexually abused him. The boy told his mother and he was immediately taken to the hospital for a medical inspection, where it was found that there had indeed been intercourse.

“On April 8, days before Easter, my son told me that he had been raped, I was surprised. As soon as she told me, I called the teacher on the way to the police station, the agents, thank God, immediately acted, they told me that they would receive me at the Public Prosecutor’s Office the next day, but I told them that I couldn’t wait that long and I went to the Loma Pytã Health Center where it was found,” said the victim’s mother in communication with Universo 970 AM.

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The boy commented what happened to the coroner and the psychologist, and received psychological support at the Prosecutor’s Office. Subsequently, the mother tried to talk to her son’s teacher and at no time did she answer her calls or receive her at the school facilities; she could only tell her teacher from last year, she recounted.

“At school they forbade me to go to his room because they told me I overprotected him too much. At school they minimized everything, they said that my son could have lied. In the Supervision they did not know anything, the director had not shown her face, they even made me sign a certificate that I did not have to say anything, “said the victim’s mother.

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The boy who is in the sixth grade does not want to go back to school because he is very afraid of his aggressor, whom he fully identified and if he returned to the institution he would be living with him.

“My son does not want to go back to school, he is afraid of the one who did this to him, he is eleven years old and is in sixth grade. He fully identified his aggressor and she is his classmate, the incident occurred inside the school, during recess to the dining room. When the abuse occurred, my son told me that he had told his teacher and she asked him ‘and did you like it?’, to which he replies that how could he like something they did against his will “, lamented the mother.

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La Nación / New case of sexual abuse: eleven-year-old boy would have been abused at Zeballos Cue school