La Nación / Minister does not rule out closing the school due to abuse

The head of the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC), Nicolás Zárate, does not rule out the possibility of closing the private school in Lambaré where a case of sexual abuse against a 6-year-old boy by two adolescents aged 12 and 13 would have occurred. .

“The school released a statement that was very offensive. We are going to take more severe measures in case the school continues without collaborating. It is not ruled out to close the school in case they continue like this, ”said the Minister of Education yesterday, Monday.

The head of the educational portfolio criticized the school’s lack of collaboration with the MEC and with the Prosecutor’s Office after the minor’s relatives first reported harassment and then sexual abuse. He indicated that the conclusions will be taken after the intervention is over, but the possibility of closing the private school in Lambaré due to this serious event is also being considered.

“The bad predisposition of the authorities was one of the most preponderant reasons for the decision to intervene, after a statement in which society was hurt and hurt was offensive. They did not comply with the minimum, they hid, they acted in a totally negligent way,” Zárate said in contact with 780 AM.

While the president of the National Federation of Parents’ Associations of Public Schools of Paraguay (Fedapy), Francisca Monges, lamented that the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC) does not socialize the protocols that schools and colleges in the country must implement. for cases of sexual harassment or abuse.

The victim of sexual abuse at the Lambaré school is a six-year-old boy who recognizes the alleged perpetrators of the sexual abuse case within the educational institution. The case will be referred to the Court for Children and Adolescents because the intervening Prosecutor does not have jurisdiction, since both are under 14 years old.

Yesterday, the three defendants were transferred to the Serafina Dávalos Penitentiary Center in the city of Coronel Oviedo, in the department of Caaguazú.

MARÍA ÁNGELA DUARTE – Vice President of the Paraguayan Bar Association

The vice president of the Paraguayan Bar Association, María Ángela Duarte, indicated that the alleged perpetrators of the sexual abuse of a six-year-old boy in a school in Lambaré will not have a judicial record regarding the crime they committed, after being informed in the date that they are unimputable because they do not have the age established by the Penal Code.

“Effectively up to the age of 14 they cannot be charged, later at that age it is possible to think about the application of socio-environmental, socio-educational measures, which are those that are provided for in the Code for Children and Adolescents and also corrective measures. Once all these measures are exhausted, they are applied progressively. If these measures do not work, the deprivation of liberty of minors can be applied, ”he indicated.


The former Attorney General of the State (FGE) and lawyer Óscar Germán Latorre affirmed that it is extremely urgent that the National Congress raises the debate on the feasibility or not in the modification of the Penal Code, referring to the reduction of the age limit to establish the accusations. “If there is a problem of imputability, that is already a matter of criminal law, which in any case should motivate us to examine whether or not to maintain the rule of imputability,” he stated. In this regard, he argued that the discussion in Parliament must have the opinion of psychologists, criminalists, penalists and draw a valid conclusion that fundamentally serves not to establish “guidelines or criteria that are arranged not by opinions, but solutions that respond to the need of society, which generates a safer environment in which to develop, this must be discussed in Parliament”, said the lawyer in communication with the newspaper La Nación-Nación Media.

MERCEDES BRÍTEZ – Former Judge for Children

With the confirmation that the alleged aggressors of the minor under 6 years of age are between 12 and 13 years old, for which they are not liable and in view of this new situation, Dr. Mercedes Brítez, a former judge for Children, confirmed that they can receive socio-educational measures and that The blame must fall on the educational institution.

The professional stressed that it is a very complex case and that Justice in Paraguay is very slow, so despite the complaints, several defendants continue without paying their guilt. “There is a slowness to act in the Judiciary, the judges do not meet the deadlines, you file complaints and they continue unpunished,” she said on the “Final Account” program on the GEN / Nación Media channel. She stressed that unfortunately impunity continues to gain ground at the country level. “It’s brutal,” she exposed. “In this particular case, the children who are alleged abusers are not liable, but they can receive socio-educational measures,” she assured.

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La Nación / Minister does not rule out closing the school due to abuse