La Nación / “I believe you”, a viral message for the mother of an abused child

The case of the 6-year-old boy, who was the victim of an alleged sexual abuse in a school in Lambaré, generates more and more outrage from citizens and shows of support for the family of the child on social networks. A mother, identified as Ali Manzur, made a post on Facebook in which she expresses her solidarity with the victim’s mother and repudiates the statement from the educational institution.

“Today, my mother’s heart breaks with yours. Today woman, who is divided into a thousand with the pain of your baby, I accompany you, whoever you are. I don’t know you, but since I heard the sad news I suffered with you and your child. Today I share your anger and indignation. Your desire to go out and BURN EVERYTHING”, indicates part of the publication.

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“I can’t with so much indignation in my body, I can’t imagine yours,” the woman mentions, adding: “reading that communication from the school makes me feel disgusted and totally repudiated. We keep saying that the first thing we have to say is I BELIEVE YOU. And they come with such denial to keep up their appearances. I just hope they are convicted.”

This also highlights the courage of the victim’s mother in demanding justice for her son. “I applaud you standing up for the strength you have to publicly denounce and defend like a lioness she does it with her cub. You are a madrasa with all the letters, ”indicates the post.

He also mentions that he hopes that justice does not leave what happened unpunished. “I wish that, in some way, you and your baby find peace. I send you light and love. I don’t know your name, and I don’t want to know it. I just want you to know that today, all the moms in the country are with you. A strong hug ”, ends the publication.

The prosecutors investigating the case yesterday confirmed the indictment of the director of the institution and two teachers. They will be investigated for the punishable acts of violation of the duty of care, while the director is added the crime of frustration of the prosecution and criminal execution, after apparently having hidden data from the Prosecutor’s Office in the framework of the investigation. From the Public Ministry they requested the preventive detention of the three teachers, who go this Sunday to the Court of San Lorenzo for the imposition of measures.

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La Nación / “I believe you”, a viral message for the mother of an abused child