La Nación / Fathers of the Apostolic San José hold a vigil to express support for the family of a victim of abuse

A group of parents from different classes has gathered tonight in front of the San José Apostolic College to carry out a peaceful vigil in repudiation of the most recent case of sexual abuse registered in a private school in Lambaré.

Various signs of support and solidarity have occurred in the course of the last few hours as a result of the unfortunate episode in which a 6-year-old boy was the victim, who would have been the victim of sexual abuse by other students.

After becoming public, this fact generated a massive rejection from society in general and, at the same time, motivated a unanimous request to stop violations against minors in our country.

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In this context, more than 60 student families decided to gather tonight in front of one of the access gates of the San José Apostolic College to hold a vigil with balloons and lighted candles.

The activity is considered a peaceful demonstration in repudiation of this new case of child sexual abuse, while becoming a gesture of support for the victim’s family, which is going through a very difficult situation.

Tatiana Gerez, one of the participating mothers and a member of the Open Classrooms organization, told La Nación – Nación Media that they are planning to carry out another activity with a larger audience for Monday at 5:00 p.m. in front of the Parque de la Salud. It will feature the participation of parents from various private schools such as Cristo Rey, San José, Internacional, Las Almenas, Los Laureles, among others.

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From this point they will depart in a vehicle caravan to the headquarters of the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC) and later to the Ministry of Health in order to demand the lifting of the admission protocol to educational institutions that is still in force.

As he explained, today parents or guardians do not have the possibility of accessing educational facilities when they leave their children because of this protocol, so they must leave them at the entrance gate, without knowing what happens to them afterwards.

“What we want is for this protocol to end, almost all the measures have been lifted and today it is even silly that parents cannot enter to leave their children in the classrooms as they used to do,” Gerez said.

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La Nación / Fathers of the Apostolic San José hold a vigil to express support for the family of a victim of abuse