La Nación / Case of abuse: lack of attention and protection are the shadow

After the complaint of sexual abuse against a student of only 6 years old, who was the victim of other minors within an educational institution in Lambaré, came to light dozens of questions about how the events occurred and, Above all, the good upbringing that the children are receiving at home is questioned.

For clinical psychologist Laura Bogado, the two years of the pandemic have brought minors into direct contact with social networks and the world of the internet, which opens windows for abuse. “This is a consequence of how badly we are raising our children and within this bad upbringing is the lack of attention,” explained the specialist in an interview with the “Final Account” program, on radio Universo 970 AM / Nación Media.

He stressed that within this spoiling and lack of attention is the consumption of pornography by minors, which makes them have a tendency to commit this type of abuse. “Consumption of pornography is in your hands, one click away from being able to view or listen to it,” said the professional, very concerned.

He stated that previously it was quite difficult for minors to access pornography, since it was sold in magazines, through special television channels, among others, but today having access to a cell phone or computer with Internet access is already available. “All this is hypersexualizing them and affecting their neurological development, developing hypersexuality disorder,” she said.

He affirmed that having access to this content becomes a habit for the boys and triggers situations like the one that happened with the little one. “No one is born with hypersexuality disorder, but it is being done. It is the environmental factors that cause a boy to develop in this way, ”he asserted.

“Not exactly there is a disorder, but there is some lack,” said clinical psychologist Damián Lucarelli, to try to understand the reason or the situation in which the abuser finds himself.

“Usually abuses occur due to some lack or unsatisfied internal need or traumatic experiences; in these cases, the containment should be at home, the treatment at home, but I am referring to support, of course the treatment must be professional with the relevant institutions, I am referring to the containment that should be at home”, explained Lucarelli to “A punto” program, broadcast by the channel GEN/Nación Media.

“Education always begins at home, in all contexts. Second, there are ways to prevent sexual abuse, there are methods, guidelines. It is possible to prevent these scenarios that facilitate sexual abuse in minors, even “, indicated the psychologist. “So, the protective factors are the ones that are weakening, there are many institutions that work well, we are not going to deny that, but this is a reality in our country,” he said.

Teresa Martinez.

Minister Teresa Martínez explained that she developed a protocol together with the Public Defender’s Office.

The Minister for Children and Adolescents, Teresa Martínez, in dialogue with Universo 970 AM/Nación Media, pointed out that “there is a protocol that the Ministry of Education has that had been presented with the Public Defender’s Office and the Ministry of Children in February when the schools were going to open. However, said protocol was not applied in this case and that is serious, ”she expressed.

He added that in this case the school in question did nothing of what the protocol says, which is to inform the educational authorities and accompany the family for complaints. “Here it was obstructed, precautionary measures were not taken,” questioned the minister. She added that “there is omissive and obstructive behavior, and that is very serious for this situation.”

Article 21 of the Criminal Code of our country, which deals with the criminal responsibility of minors, states that a person who has not reached fourteen years of age is exempt from criminal responsibility. This means that every adolescent, from the age of 14, can already be subject to a fiscal imputation if there is suspicion of the commission of a punishable act that can be prosecuted and investigated by the Public Ministry.

In relation to the case of sexual abuse that occurred in a school in Lambaré where a child of just 6 years of age was the victim and whose alleged perpetrators would be adolescents between 14 and 15 years of age, they can already be charged by the Public Ministry. A team of prosecutors was formed to continue with this investigation.

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La Nación / Case of abuse: lack of attention and protection are the shadow