Juan del Val’s reaction after Nuria Roca’s sexual confession in ‘La Resistencia’: “I know it with me”

Last Tuesday, Nuria Roca visited The resistance of Movistar Plus+ to promote his play. However, during the talk with David Broncano, the presenter hesitated so much to the humorist that she did not know what to answer. In this case, she faced the two mythical questions of the program: the money he has in the bank and how many sexual relations he had in the last month.

It was to be expected that, during her program on La Sexta this Sunday, the subject would come up and that her husband, Juan del Val, answered. In fact, the journalist’s reaction ended up bringing out the colors of the presenter of The rock. “Enough!”, She came to tell him so that he would not continue telling intimacies.

Nuria Roca hesitates Broncano in ‘La Resistencia’


“We are on day 3, well one. If we count the last 30 days… I’ve lost count,” Nuria Roca replied to David Broncano when asked how many sexual relations there had been in the last month. An answer that he came out this Sunday on his La Sexta program and that made the protagonist blush. Above all, when her husband Juan del Val gave her opinion on the matter and when he dropped when her last sexual encounter had been.

“The only thing that gets me angry at home is because he says that I give too much information to the press. And there you have her ”, Del Val reproached Roca in an amused tone after hearing the sexual confession of her wife in The resistance.

Juan del Val gives his opinion on Nuria Roca's interview in 'La Resistencia'

Juan del Val gives his opinion on Nuria Roca’s interview in ‘La Resistencia’


To which the Valencian tried to defend herself with: “If they ask me, I will have to answer in the best possible way so as not to give details. You will have a complaint…”. This is where one of the program’s collaborators came into action, Nacho García, who said: “Well, Nuria, if on day 3 you had once, we’re on day 8… Shall we follow the rule of three?” Then, the presenter responded with a question: “Do you remember one day here, talking about education, that they were going to remove the rules of three? Well, you don’t know!”

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José Luis's daughter remembers his last words:

“It’s that then you go to Broncano and crack everything,” his program partner snapped at him. To which Juan del Val pointed out: “I can say how many times she has been with me… I don’t know about her”. Nuria didn’t like this statement at all, and she replied: “Hey, Juan. Enough!”.

Nuria Roca for Juan del Val's feet in 'La Roca'

Nuria Roca for Juan del Val’s feet in ‘La Roca’


Gonzalo Miró tried to put the finishing touch during the conversation and blurted out: “You should write down on a piece of paper how many times each of you has done it, to see if you agree”. Something that the presenter of The rock: “That information is absolutely unnecessary.”

And, in the background, the husband said: “Yesterday was his last performance and he went to the theater relaxed.” A confession that she repeated a second time because the first time was silenced by the hubbub of the conversation. The latter made Nuria Roca blush and she ended the song laughing: “You have all teamed up to get my colors out. Enough”.

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Juan del Val’s reaction after Nuria Roca’s sexual confession in ‘La Resistencia’: “I know it with me”