José Alperovich, former governor of Tucumán, was prosecuted for sexual abuse of his secretary

A court in the city of Buenos Aires ordered this Wednesday the prosecution of the former governor of the province of Tucumán José Alperovich (2003-2015) for alleged sexual abuse committed against his personal assistant, according to reports EFE and Infobae.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office indicated in a statement that Judge Osvaldo Rappa, of the National Criminal and Correctional Court No. 35, considered Alperovich criminally responsible for the crime of “repeated simple sexual abuse” on three occasions and “sexual abuse aggravated by carnal access “on six other occasions.

In total, nine acts of abuse were documented: two in a department of Puerto Madero, owned by Alperovich, and seven in the province of Tucumán.

The judge also understood that the acts, allegedly committed between 2017 and 2018, were carried out “through abuse of power and authority”, which “due to its circumstances and duration, caused the victim an outrageous sexual submission”.

Likewise, Rappa ordered an embargo of assets against the also former senator between 2015 and 2021 for an amount of 2.5 million pesos (about 21,540 US dollars).

The judge stressed that what was declared by the complainant “could be corroborated through various pieces of evidence” and stressed that there was “a clear asymmetry” between the victim and the accused.

More than 60 witnesses, WhatsApp chats, Instagram messages, telephone expertise and reports from psychologists and psychiatrists are some of the evidence used by the magistrate to determine his sentence.

The complaint

The victim filed the complaint against Alperovich at the end of 2019, stating that she was “sexually, physically and psychologically violated” by the former governor, whom she called a “monster.”

The National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office No. 10 of the Argentine capital and the Specialized Prosecution Unit for Violence against Women subsequently promoted the criminal investigation against the Peronist politician, who went to testify before the Justice on April 20, after having lost his You were a senator.

According to the complaint, the second time Alperovich committed abuse, in Buenos Aires, the politician boasted of being “a famous violinist” like “André Rieu” given his “ability to move his fingers.”

“You are very rigid, you have to surrender and learn to enjoy yourself,” Alperovich told him on another occasion, in a car in Tucumán, given the woman’s refusal of his advances.

Justice took into account chats between the Justicialist Party politician and his secretary, in which they observed messages such as “You could be a little more affectionate in my life, for example, good morning, how did you wake up, even if you don’t feel it”, “so my owner”, “I love you very much”, and “I will always protect you”, among others that the file collects.

The file says that on another occasion, in the so-called facts “6” and “7”, in the Tucuman town of Yerba Buena, “while they were sitting in an armchair, the defendant approached him, took off his pants and underwear , while expressing to him ‘look how you make me’”.

“In turn, he undresses the complainant’s clothes and forces her to touch his member. Then, he takes her by force to the room and performs oral sex on the complainant, while she tried to get him off of her by telling her not to he did it, that he stopped, that he did not want to”, is recorded in the file on the event that occurred on March 9, 2018, according to the Argentine media.


“I testified for more than an hour and a half and made an extensive defense of my defense, analyzing all the evidence presented in the case and demonstrating that it is a false complaint for the purpose of excluding me from the political scene,” Alperovich said in his profile. Twitter after appearing before Judge Rappa, who on Wednesday issued his prosecution.

“The distinguished Judge Osvaldo Rappa has issued my prosecution following the complainant’s version. Unfortunately, he did not take into account important evidence to reconstruct what happened – testimonies, chats, reports from psychologists, and much other evidence provided to the case,” Alperovich said in another tweet.

The victim’s spokeswoman, Milagro Mariona, said in statements to the TN news channel that this decision represents “a very important step in the case,” since it means that Justice “also believes the victims” of this type of crime.

“Finally, Justice is advancing on the people we are denouncing, who are people who have political and economic power. We come out very strengthened and looking forward to everyone who comes to us,” Mariona assured.

In that sense, the complainant’s spokeswoman acknowledged that “there will probably be an appeal” by Alperovich, adding that they will continue with the case.

“We know that all this way is not going to be easy, so we are strengthening ourselves as a team. The complainant is fine, strengthened, obviously the news mobilizes her,” said Mariona.

José Alperovich was governor of Tucumán for three consecutive terms and later became a national senator, a position he held until December 9.

Based on information from EFE and Infobae.

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José Alperovich, former governor of Tucumán, was prosecuted for sexual abuse of his secretary