Johnny Depp was ‘obsessively jealous,’ claims forensic psychologist in court


Amber Heard was seen visibly emotional in court as a forensic psychologist took the stand to appear as her first witness in her court case with Johnny Depp.

Ms. Heard was on the verge of tears several times when Dr. Dawn Hughes, a clinical and forensic psychologist and domestic violence expert, spoke about the alleged acts of violence against her by Mr. Depp, including the times when it is stated that he would think it was “acceptable to tear”. take off her nightgown and stick her fingers up her vagina in search of cocaine.”

Dr. Hughes also described allegations of how when Depp “was drunk or high, he threw her (heard) her on the bed, ripped her nightgown off and tried to have sex with her.”

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She alleged: “He forced her to give him oral sex when he was angry. These were not moments of love, these were moments of dominance.”

Dr. Hughes described how women in abusive relationships often find that their partner slowly changes as things progress between them.

She described several cases of allegations of sexual violence perpetrated by Depp in Heard that, according to her, the actress told her.

Other alleged incidents described by Dr Hughes include when Depp “conducted a cavity search” after he accused a woman of flirting with Heard.

He also described an accusation in which Depp was in a closet with Heard and put his fingers in her vagina and “moved it violently”.

Dr. Hughes gave evidence as the first witness in the trial (Image: REUTERS)

Dr Hughes described the argument in Australia, where Depp’s fingertip was cut off, as “one of the most serious”.

She said: “When he was beating her and choking her, saying I hate you, I’ll kill you, Miss Heard was dissociating and leaving her body. The only thing she was thinking is: ‘Oh, God, I hope he’s not the broken one’ ».

Dr. Hughes went on to describe how the “alcohol-fueled” occasions in which Depp allegedly threw Heard on the bed in an attempt to have sex with her didn’t always work out.

She claimed, “If he couldn’t act, he would get angrier at her and blame her.”

Dr. Hughes went on to state that the physical violence inflicted on Heard included Depp pushing, shoving, strangling, and kicking her in the back.

She claimed the assaults caused “mainly bruises,” cuts, and “vaginal pain.”

Johnny was present in court to hear the charges (Image: POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Dr. Hughes then cited examples of Depp’s alleged coercive control over Heard while explaining how he allegedly “didn’t want her to show nudity” or her breasts while shooting movie projects.

Depp was also accused of not wanting Heard to star alongside certain actors due to his “obsessive jealousy”.

Dr. Hughes accused Depp of calling “almost every actor” Heard worked with, as well as directors, to tell them, “I have eyes down there, I have eyes on set.”

She claimed: “He tried to control what she wore. He often told her that no woman of mine would dress like a whore ».

Depp was accused of telling Heard on his way to an audition, “Are you going out with those t*ts ya**?”

Amber watched as Dr. Hughes gave testimony (Image: REUTERS)

She then allegedly changed her clothes and put on “mom jeans” to appear less “revealing.”

Dr. Hughes claimed that Heard faced a “barrage of infidelity accusations,” including from Depp, which made it difficult for her to audition for the roles.

Dr. Hughes described how in an alleged incident on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles in 2014, Depp was enraged over his filming with James Franco.

She stated: “She gets on the plane, Depp starts talking about James Franco, making a lot of disparaging comments, ‘I hope you had fun with your escapades.’

“There was an argument when she got up to leave, he kicked her in the back and she went forward.”

Dr. Hughes diagnosed Ms. Heard with PTSD (Image: POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Dr. Hughes then went on to discuss the complexities of abusive relationships, admitting that many victims end up feeling shame about the abuse that has an “aggravating effect” on them.

She described the experience as “sucking the oxygen out of the room and before you know it you’re suffocating.”

Dr. Hughes went on to describe a “vicious cycle of trying to figure out how I can be with this man who hurts me and yet I love him so much.”

As she continued to explain why women stay in violent relationships, Ms. Heard seemed to choke.

She said: “To the loving man, stay with the kind man, the man she had hoped for and promised for her future. Some people stay because they have economic reasons, some people have children together and do not want to deprive their children of a father.

Johnny faced accusations of sexual violence (Image: POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

“The most dangerous moment for a woman is when she leaves: the probability that she will be killed increases substantially. Staying from her keeps her safe ».

Ms. Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, then asked Dr. Hughes if digital penetration of the vagina could be classified as abuse.

Dr. Hughes agreed that it was if it was not consensual.

Bredehoft later asked if the same rule would apply to penetration of inanimate objects: Heard’s defense claimed that he assaulted her with a bottle in his opening statement.

Dr. Hughes again said that if there was no consent, it was abuse.

Amber was visibly emotional at times through the evidence (Image: POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Dr Hughes also described allegations that Ms Heard yelled at Mr Depp during arguments as a normal reaction to victimization.

She said: “For women who feel they need to preserve their sense of autonomy, they will scream and fight back.”

She then clarified her position by describing that women could “absolutely” use violence to “fight back” in an abusive relationship.

Dr. Hughes explained to the court that she had conducted a forensic evaluation of Heard that involved examining case documents and interviewing herself for 22 hours in person and on Zoom.

Amber will testify later in the trial (Image: POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

He also spoke with doctors for Heard and her late mother as part of the evaluation.

Dr. Hughes called Heard’s account of events “consistent with what we know about intimate partner violence.”

She said the Aquaman star’s alleged abuse was noted as physical violence, psychological assault, sexual violence, coercive control and “surveillance behaviors.”

Dr. Hughes also said that she had diagnosed Heard with PTSD citing the cause as “intimate partner violence by Mr. Depp.”

The trial continues.

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Johnny Depp was ‘obsessively jealous,’ claims forensic psychologist in court